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Park City Ski Resort Expert Itinerary - Park City Side

Summit House, McConkey's Bowl, Jupiter, Miner's Camp, Thaynes, Pinecone Ridge 
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From Park City Village: Town Lift / Crescent Express – Bonanza Express – McConkey's – Jupiter – Lunch @ Miner's Camp – Pine Cone Ridge – Mother Lode – Thaynes – Return to Base

1. 9:00 AM – Heading Up and Warming Up

From Park City Main Village: Take Crescent Express and exit left to Silver Queen to Bonanza Express.

From Park City Main St: Take Town Lift to Bonanza Express.

From Canyons Village: It's a minimum of 4 lifts to reach KING CON from CANYONS VILLAGE. If you chose to do this, the most efficient route to the KING CON  is to take Red Pine Gondola Chicane  TimberLine (Horizontal Transit Lift)  Iron Mountain  - Chrome Alley – Quicksilver Gondola   Broadway  Hot Spot. With fresh powder, we would consider this to get early access to Pine Cone Ridge (see section below). 

** Consider driving or taking the shuttle from Canyons Village to Park City Base, as it can take over an hour to take this route **

Bonanza Express converges with Silverlode Express and Motherlode Express at Summit House. For a warm up from here, we like Parley's Park, or a warm up, take a lap or two and then work your way up to Lost Prospector / Prospector with slightly steeper pitches - these runs funnel to the bottom of the Motherlode Express and slightly further down the mountain, Silverlode Express.

2. 10 AM - 1 PM – McConkey's / Jupiter

**On a fresh powder day, consider heading to Pine Cone Ridge or Jupiter ASAP.

When you feel ready for more, from Summit House, follow Home Run and stay right with your eye out for Mid-Mountain Meadows - this will take you to the bottom of the McConkey's Express Sixpack. With this six pack McCONKEY'S has become very easy to access translating into large bumps in the bowl most of the time. The good news is you can get a pretty get survey of the terrain in McConkey's Bowl from the lift. Anything to the right when you exit the lift will return you to the bottom of McConkey's. When the snow is good, consider the trees of Black Forest - they appear tight but there is room to turn freely.  

Up for a short hike? Exit to the right and take the short hike up Pinyon Ridge for some off-piste fun. P-Zone is the first chute, next comes O-Zone. Both offer incredible backcountry terrain and allow you to cut back to McConkey's Express.  Feeling really ambitious? You can hike to the top of JUPITER PEAK to access The Chutes or Pioneer Ridge. You will get a good look along the hike, so choose what you think looks best. The terrain right of Pioneer Ridge brings you into First Bowl and West Face - which lead back to the bottom of the Jupiter Double.

The Jupiter Double brings you (slowly, so soak in the amazing view) to the top of JUPITER, the highest point on the mountain at over 10,000 feet. There is no easy way down. From here, you have access to some of the most incredible terrain in the Wasatch Range. Take your pick amongst open Bowls - Main Bowl or take the short hike to Scott's Bowl - for an ultimate back country experience - wide open and often untouched. If you prefer tight and narrow, head down Portugese Gap or Rhino, just before the entrance to the hike to Scott's Bowl

You can easily lose track of time and even lose yourself in this back country terrain. It's a minimum of four lifts to the top of JUPITER - but worth every minute!

3. 1 PM – Lunch at Miner's Camp (see our mountain guide for more on lunch options)

Miner's Camp is ideally located for a mid-day break - relatively new, large with standard mountain fare..  

From the bottom of Jupiter, follow Thaynes Canyon to the bottom of King Con Express, exit to the right and take King Con directly to Miner's Camp. From the bottom of McConkey's take the Pioneer Lift and follow King Con Access into King Con to Miner's Camp

4. 1:45 PM – 3:00PM – Pine Cone Ridge 

On a powder day, this is a great time to the lower part of Pine Cone Ridge and Limelite. Take the Quick Silver Gondola to the mid-way point. Exit left and take a short hike along Pine Cone Ridge.  Limelite is the first chute and if you hike a bit further it opens up into an expansive bowl. This is serious expert terrain, but the conditions have to be right. When its good, its perfect, but can often be wind-burned or over sun exposed - so check the conditions first! This area funnels into Thaynes Canyon and eventually the bottom of King Con Express.


5A. 3:00 PM – 4 PM – Motherlode, Thaynes and Returning to the Park City Base

Alternatively, if Pine Cone Ridge seems gnarly or you've had enough back country terrain for one day, we recommend some more gentle black runs off of Thaynes and the Motherlode Express. Motherlode Meadows has great glades, it is rated double black but is notable less steep than the terrain on upper portion of the mountain. Otherwise Fool's Gold or Glory Hole are nice for some not super steep, longer runs. 

To reach THAYNES, exit Motherlode to the right and follow Single Jack to the Thayne's Double. The lift is slow but short and it can be fun to watch skiers on the bumps on Thaynes. From there, there is a choice of trails all feeding into Thanye's Canyon. Do a few laps and when you have had enough, follow Thayne's Canyon to the bottom of King Con Express. From the top of King Con there are several routes to the base of Park City

5B. 3:00 PM  - 4 PM - Returning to the Canyons Base

If you do want to take the slopes back to the Canyons Base, take the Quick Silver Gondola all the way and follow White Pine to the bottom of Dream Catcher. If you have time, we do love the Dream Catcher runs. If eager to get back, follow Cascade to the Timerberline Hortizontal Lift to Tombstone Express where you have a choice of runs to the CANYONS BASE VILLAGE.

*There are free shuttle buses regularly going back and forth between PARK CITY BASE and CANYONS VILLAGE, so ski where you want and don't worry too much about getting back to your home base. 

Congratulations – you’ve explored Park City's Highest Peak - Time for Après Ski!



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