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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Welcome to the Avant Ski Season Pass Update tracker! Here you can find the latest details on Covid-19 related changes to the major multi-resort season pass programs including pricing changes, insurance coverage and deadlines to purchase passes.

There have never been so many questions about what winter will be like, but luckily all of the major season pass programs have built in some sort of Covid-19 insurance policy.

The bottom line: Insurance takes the risk out and it's well worth it to buy a season pass.

Not sure which pass is right for you? Visit our Season Pass Guide for an in-depth comparison of all of the options. Or just let us do all of the hard work with our personalized pass recommendation tool.

Last Updated: November 29, 2020

Epic Pass (Vail Resorts)

Price: Epic Pass – $1,099

Epic Local Pass – $849

Final Deadline to Purchase: December 6, 2020

Early Pricing Deadline: Epic Pass could be secured with a $49 down payment through September 17, 2020. The remaining balance is due in early November.

Renewal Discount: None, but 19/20 passholders received a proportional credit to use towards a 20/21 pass. These credits must have been used by September 17th. If you have not used your 19/20 credit, it has now expired and cannot be used. You can learn more about passholder credit here.

Reservation System: On August 27, Epic Pass announced it will implement a reservation system to visit all 34 Vail-owned resorts and give pass holders priority reservation access.

Priority Passholder Reservations: Passholders can reserve up to 7 day passes ahead of time, depending on their pass type. The system is rolling so that once a passholder uses a day, the passholder can reserve another day. Pass holders will also have a special window from November 6 to December 7 to make reservations before lift tickets go on sale. If a passholder is unable to book their preferred days, they will be able to receive a full refund.

> Enter passholder reservation waiting room

Pass Insurance: Vail introduced "Epic Coverage" – a built-in insurance policy for the 20/21 Epic Pass that offers prorated cash refunds (rather than credit towards next season's pass).

Epic Coverage is split into two categories: Qualifying Personal Events and Covered Resort Closures.

If a qualifying personal event (such as injury, illness, or qualifying job loss) occurs, passholders will receive a prorated refund in accordance with the number of days skied. Here's how the refunds break down:

If any Vail Resorts experience closures during the season, passholders will receive a prorated refund based on the percentage of potential ski days lost. It is important to note that these refunds will also be affected by several 'preferences' that passholders must select when purchasing their pass:

Passholders must choose whether they would like to cover a specific week, or the entire 'core season' (between Thanksgiving and Easter). They must also choose whether to cover a preferred resort, or all resorts.

A full breakdown of how to optimize coverage can be found here. Scroll down to the FAQ selection and read under the "How are Refunds Determined?" dropdown.

Lots of details, but the bottom line is that if some reason you're unable to make full use of your Epic Pass (less than 7 days), you're probably covered to some degree.

Want to learn more about the Epic Pass? Check out our comprehensive Epic Pass Guide here.

Ikon Pass

Price: Ikon Pass – $1,149

Ikon Base Pass – $849

Final Deadline to Purchase: December 10, 2020

Renewal Discount: $100 off for renewing Ikon Pass holders, $50 off for renewing Ikon Base Pass holders. Renewal discounts expire October 14th.

Latest Update: On September 14, Alterra Mountain Company announced a limited reservation system for Ikon pass holders at select destinations including Arapahoe Basin, Big Sky, Jackson Hole, Loon Mountain, Taos and Windham Mountain. Several other Ikon destinations are still considering reservation requirements. For the latest on reservation status and to make reservations, see here.

On June 4th, Ikon announced Adventure Assurance for their 2020/21 pass. Unused passes can now be rolled over to the following season any time between September 10th, 2020 and April 11th, 2021.

Priority Passholder Reservations: Ikon has not yet released details on how far in advance passholders can make reservations or how many reservations a pass holder may hold at once. Select Ikon destinations may also require advanced parking reservations. Ikon's latest details on reservations are at back frequently as Alterrra disclaims, "Information is subject to change at anytime without notice."

Pass Insurance: Ikon's Covid-19 assurances include a proportional credit towards a 21/22 pass should any Ikon Pass destinations close due to Covid-19 between December 10th and April 11th.

Passholders can choose coverage for "All Destinations" or a "Single Destination" to optimize how their credits are applied. By default, pass holders will be covered for "All Destinations" meaning that if any eligible Ikon resort closes for 1 day, a few days or all days, you will receive a proportional credit based on the number of days closed. The deadline to choose is October 1.

Elect a "Single Destination" if you have a home resort. This way if that one resort is closes you will receive a credit based only on that resort (which will be larger than if you had selected all destinations). A full breakdown of the options and how to select them can be found here.

Want to learn more about the Ikon Pass? Check out our comprehensive Ikon Pass Guide here.

Mountain Collective

Price: $589

Early Pricing Deadline: None; while early purchasers received a third day free at the resort of their choice, Mountain Collective has extended this offer indefinitely

Renewal Discount: $50

Latest Update: In June, Mountain Collective announced a new "no-questions-asked" refund policy. All pass purchases are now eligible for a full refund through October 16th. As of this time, there is no plan to offer refunds or credits should any Mountain Collective destinations close during the season.

In April, Mountain Collective announced in an email to their passholders that they would be issuing a $50 credit to 19/20 season passholders for use towards a 20/21 season pass. To take advantage of this offer, you must have been a passholder for the 19/20 season and purchase your new pass through this link. If you have already renewed your pass with the previous $20 renewal bonus, you will receive a credit of $30 back to your credit card.

Want to learn more about the Mountain Collective? Check out our comprehensive Mountain Collective Guide here.

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