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Telluride Intermediate Itinerary

Polar Queen Express, Prospect Bowl & Revelation Bowl
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From Mountain Village – Village Express – Polar Queen Express – Prospect Bowl – Lunch @ Giuseppe's – Revelation Bowl – Return to Mountain Village

1. 9AM – Easing in with Some Groomers and Mellow Glades off of the Polar Queen Express

Regardless of where you are staying, you will want to start your day by heading towards the Village Express (4). If you are coming from town just take the Free Gondola and unload at the first stop. Ski down Butterfly which will take you to the MOUNTAIN VILLAGE  where you can load the Village Express (4). If you want to stay near the base area Peek-A-Boo, Misty Maiden, and Humboldt Draw are just a few of the runs that will lead you back to the MOUNTAIN VILLAGE and the Village Express (4).


Whenever you feel ready to move up the mountain, unload the Village Express (4) to the right and head down Boomerang to the bottom of the Polar Queen Express (5). The area accessed by this chair is 100% intermediate terrain. You’ll usually find good grooming, mellow off-piste runs, and some trees to explore. Take a right when you unload to start with Polar Queen and try Silver Tip or Henry’s for more of a challenge.

2. 11AM – Amazing Views from PROSPECT BOWL

Once you have ripped up the POLAR QUEEN AREA keep moving up the mountain and head over to PROSPECT BOWL. At the top of the Polar Queen Express (5) take a right down Lower Woozley’s Way and continue past the Gold Hill Express (14) until you reach the Prospect Express (12). It is better to explore this area earlier in the day as this lift closes at 3:15pm.


On the way up the Prospect Express (12) you’ll have amazing views of some of the more extreme terrain at Telluride including the Gold Hill Chutes, and Palmyra Peak. Most of the skiing up the ridge is hike-to terrain but this chair also accesses a variety of mellow groomers like Sandia and Magnolia.


You can find the Beginner Terrain Park nearby under the Ute Park (11). For those looking for some tree skiing the Prospect Woods are a good introduction into advanced terrain.

3. 12PM – See Forever to Lunch @Guiseppe's or Alpino Vino

Once you get hungry head up the Gold Hill Express (14). You can follow Sandia from the top of the Prospect Express (12) directly to the base of the Gold Hill Express (14). When you reach the top take a minute to enjoy the view before heading to your left down See Forever which will lead you past a few lunch options.


For a more upscale dining experience stop by the Alpino Vino Restaurant. Here can take part in an amazing wine list, the Italian alps themed a la carte menu and breathtaking views all while sitting at almost 12,000 feet. If you continue past Alpino Vino on See Forever, you’ll find Guiseppe’s at the top of the Plunge Chair (9). Enjoy sandwiches, chili, soups, beer, and take in the breathtaking views.

4. 1PM – Seeking a Challenge in REVELATION BOWL

The intermediate terrain at Telluride is somewhat limited with only 36% of the mountain being rated blue. However, there are plenty of options for those skiers who are looking to improve upon their skills and challenge themselves. If you're ready for a challenge, REVELATION BOWL is the perfect place to start with wide open terrain and manageable vertical decent. Easily access this area by taking the Gold Hill Express (14) and dropping over the backside down Liberty Bell to the bottom of The Revelation Lift (15).


The Revelation Lift (15) gains just under 800 vertical feet over 4 minutes and takes you to the top of the bowl. On the way up you will get a good lay of the land and be able to scout your options for the skiing back to the bottom. Bee’s Run, Silvercloud, Golden Cross, Majestic, and Liberty Bell are the five black diamond runs that make up the area. However, it is hard to tell where one run ends and the others start as the whole area is wide open and above the tree line. At the bottom of the bowl, you can get a good view of the Bear Creek Canyon from the scenic overlook. Revelation Bowl closes at 3:15 PM.

Congratulations, you've managed to ski most of the intermediate terrain at Telluride and then some. No doubt you had a few favorites and there is nothing wrong with going back to the well for more. If you're ready to call it a day, head over to Oak for some bourbon and hot sauce. 



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