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Sugarbush Intermediate Itinerary

Gadd Peak, North Lynx, Lincoln Peak, Inverness and Mt. Ellen's Summit


From Lincoln Peak Base Area – Spring Fling – North Lynx – Snack @ The Waffle Cabin – Sleeper – Lincoln Peak Summit – Lunch @ Allyn’s Lodge – Slide Brook Express to Mt. Ellen Base Area – Inverness – Mt. Ellen Summit – Return to Lincoln Peak Village – Après @ Rumble’s Kitchen

1. 9-9:45AM – Gadd Peak to North Lynx

To warm up and catch some morning rays, catch the Valley House Quad and exit left down Snowball. From here you can admire the daunting steeps of Lixi’s Twist before continuing down the ridge to find Spring Fling. This run catches lots of sun and may feature softer snow in the absence of clouds. It’s a great place to take a warm-up lap or two before boarding the Gate House Express and then the North Lynx Triple. 


The terrain off North Lynx features one exemplary blue-rated trail called Birch Run. This trail offers a consistent fall line, a wide expanse between stands of trees, and phenomenal views. To return to the base area from the bottom of the North Lynx Triple, use Pushover to the Slowpoke.

2. 9:45-10:30AM – Lincoln Peak Base Area - Waffle Cabin to Sleeper

Once back to Lincoln Peak Village, don't miss the opportunity to sample Sugarbush’s wonderful Waffle Cabin (especially if it’s frigid out). Grab a waffle and/or a hot drink before making your way back to the Gate House Quad to continue exploring. Exit Gate House  to the left and bag Sleeper. This bump run is not too steep and dipping off into the trees can be fun, but watch out for rocks or unmarked hazards.


Cruising the groomers from Lincoln Peak

3. 10:30-11:30AM – Lincoln Peak

From the village, ride the Super Bravo Express to reach the summit of Lincoln Peak. Exit straight off the lift and bear right to Downspout, which will deposit you at the base of the Heaven’s Gate Triple. Keep your speed up as you exit the Heaven’s Gate ramp to navigate the short uphill push to Jester and amazing views of the Mad River Valley below. *Note, you may have to hike a few steps with your skis on to reach the top of Jester. Descend Jester, which winds through the trees down the face of Lincoln Peak serving up banked turns and panoramic views.

Allyn’s Lodge, locate Domino Chute or Birdland to find Lower Jester which continues to wind through stands of birches before intersecting with Gondolier near the base area. 

4. 11:30AM-12:30PM – Lunch @ Allyn's Lodge (see more on lunch options here)

Beat the lunch rush at Allyn’s Lodge by arriving slightly before noon or around 12 sharp. The fare here is delicious but seating is limited when the patio isn’t poppin’. This is an easy mid-mountain option to meet up with advanced skiers. If there are beginners in your group, consider dining options in Lincoln Peak Village such as Castlerock Pub, the Gate House Cafeteria or Rumble’s Kitchen.

5. 12:40PM – Make your way to Mt. Ellen Base

The afternoon is for exploring Sugarbush’s Mt. Ellen, characterized by its old school feel, wide runs, and terrain parks. But first you’ll have to ride one of the world’s fastest chairlifts, the Slide Brook Express. From Allyn’s Lodge, swing down Downspout, a long, curvy blue that funnels into the furrowed terrain of lower Lincoln Peak. From Lower Downspout, use Header to pop over into Castlerock Runout, returning to the village. Stronger intermediates might enjoy the challenge of Murphy’s Glade off of the Valley House Traverse from Allyn’s Lodge which will merge into Lower Jester and eventually terminate at the base area.


You’ll have plenty of time to digest during the ride over to Mt. Ellen via a spin on the Gate House Express to the Slide Brook Express Quad. Charge down Crackerjack to the Mt. Ellen base area. For families with children, the shuttle bus between base areas is recommended. **In frigid weather or in the event that Slide Brook Express is closed, the shuttle is also the superior mode of transit.


Local flavor at Mt. Ellen Base


Powder turns off of the Summit Quad

6. 1:30-3:30PM – Inverness to Mt. Ellen Summit

To bang out some vert, board the Inverness Quad and take your pick of any of the fun blue or green-rated trails from the top of Inverness Peak. These seldom crowded runs are wooded and fun to explore before heading up to the summit of Mt. Ellen. 


From the Mt. Ellen Base Lodge, head up the Green Mountain Express, exit and cross the flats to catch the Summit Quad. This chair will whisk you up to the 4,083-foot summit of Mt. Ellen. On a clear day, either Panorama or Rim Run will leave you breathless with the views. To boost your mileage, swing down Lower Rim Run to return to the base of the Summit Quad. If you’re up for it, ride this again to check out Lookin’ Good or Elbow, also wide, scenic, blue-rated trails.


To return to Mt. Ellen’s base area, continue on until you see signs for Joe’s Cruiser or Which Way. Should you like the looks of Encore or Hammerhead, you can drop in a bit earlier for these tougher trails. All of these runs will funnel down into Crackerjack and back to the base area.


Catch the complimentary shuttle back to the Lincoln Peak Village and après. Or if après cannot wait, head upstairs to the Green Mountain Lounge in the Mt. Ellen Base Lodge.

Excellent work tackling some of Vermont’s most versatile terrain and many of Sugarbush’s mountain peaks. It’s time for a cold microbrew and some wings at Rumble's Kitchen.


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