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Sugarbush Expert Itinerary

Gadd Peak, Lincoln Peak, Castlerock Peak, Slide Brook Basin (Optional), and Mt. Ellen


Overview – From Lincoln Peak Base Area – Spring Fling – Stein’s Run – Organgrider – Break @ Castlerock Warming Hut – Lift Line – Ripcord – Lunch @ Rumble’s Kitchen – North Lynx –Slide Brook Basin to Mad Bus to Mt. Ellen Base Area – F.I.S. – Exterminator – Return to Lincoln Peak Village – Après @ Castlerock Pub

1. 9-10:15AM – Gadd Peak to Lincoln Peak

**Note: If there is fresh snow and Castlerock is open, discard this advice entirely and quickly proceed to the top of Castlerock Peak. If lines are long, try the Gate House Quad, then use the Castlerock Connection to ride on up the Castlerock Double. Skip to Step 3.


To warm up for a day at Sugarbush, board the Valley House Quad and navigate along the ridge of Gadd Peak to find Spring Fling, a nice sunny slope. Next, tackle the daunting feat of Stein’s Run, named after the famous skier, this tricky fall line is littered with intensely sculpted moguls. To get there, you can ride either the Valley House Quad or the Super Bravo Express – just choose the shortest line. Dip into the woods here if conditions look good. Bust out another lap if you like on Lixi’s Twist, a challenging mogul field on a double fall line that is notorious for holding deeper snow.

2. 10:15-45AM – Organgrinder to Castlerock Peak

Next up is another burner, the endless Organgrinder. Ride the Super Bravo Express and exit straight then take a right over to Downspout to reach the base of the Heaven’s Gate Triple. Keep your speed on the off ramp when exiting Heaven’s Gate to get a head start on the short climb to reach Organgrinder.

Below your skis or board lies some of the largest vertical drop in Vermont. Push off and just see if you can navigate the nearly 2,400-foot slope without stopping. It’s littered with sections of moguls and steep pitches. Near the bottom, Organgrinder’s pitch will mellow out and merge into Gondolier. Bear to the skier’s left so you can easily board the Gate House Express Quad and make moves to stand atop the legendary Castlerock Peak.


Lift Line under the Castlerock Double

3. 10:45-11:45AM – Exploring Castlerock Peak

Exit left off Gate House and look for the Castlerock Connection to find the base of the Castlerock Double. Enjoy this authentic Vermont lift and scope lines as the chair ascends to Castlerock Peak. 

If necessary, take a quick break in the Castlerock Warming Hut before navigating the steeps, cliffs, bumps, and stumps of Lift Line. This is easily some of Sugarbush’s most challenging terrain, thanks to the variety of features and steep pitch. For more fun on Castlerock Peak, also check out Middle Earth to looker’s right off of the lift line, a rowdy mogul line. This tight and winding run is reminiscent of what you will find at Sugarbush’s neighboring ski area, Mad River Glen.


For more classic double diamond runs at Sugarbush, we’ll next make moves over to Lincoln Peak. Ride up the Castlerock Double and exit left to the Castlerock Run, a trail with good flow and patches of moguls. Look out for the Bailout blue square on the skier's right to access the base of the Heaven’s Gate Triple. Grab a chair and ascend to Lincoln Peak.

4. 11:45AM-12:45 PM – Lincoln Peaks Toughest Trails

Tick off a classic Sugarbush line by exiting the Heaven’s Gate Triple and maneuvering right to Paradise. This tech line features steep moguls, abrupt turns, woods, roots, rocks, and trees. Dip into the glades and chutes to the left for an exciting variety of challenging lines. On lap 2, check out Sigi’s Ripcord, another steep, wide run with playful terrain. From here, catch Lower Downspout to return to the base area for lunch.

5. 12:45-1:45PM – Lunch @ Rumble's Kitchen (see more on lunch options here)

At the Lincoln Peak Village, sidle in for some locally sourced home cooked food at Rumble’s Kitchen. Enjoy a frothy Vermont beer on tap and find the comfort food of your choice to warm up before heading out to explore the other side of Sugarbush: Mt. Ellen.


6. 1:45-2:15PM – Lincoln Village to Mt. Ellen Base Area

From Lincoln Peak Village you can grab one of the frequent shuttle busses that transports guests between the two base areas. This is the most straightforward option, but it’s also possible to hitch a ride to Mt. Ellen on the Gate House Express Quad to the Slide Brook Express Quad.


Fresh powder on Sigi's Ripcord


Classic Sugarbush "Wooded Terrain"

7. 2:15-3:30PM – Lincoln Village to Mt. Ellen Base Area

From the Mt. Ellen base area, boost up the Green Mountain Express Quad and catch another ride on the Summit Quad. For those that love bumps, check out Black Diamond beneath the lift. This steep and bumpy burner dishes up amazing views from the 4,083-foot Mt. Ellen.

Return to the summit on the Summit Quad and exit right to find F.I.S., a short and steep pitch that can be combined with the Lookin’ Good to return to the Summit Quad base. Reload back up to the peak and exit right to Panorama. From here, merge into Rim Run and bear left to find the Exterminator Woods for steep, gnarly and classic New England tree skiing. Use Northstar to Cracker Jack to give your legs a break while heading back down to the Mt. Ellen Base.


Catch the shuttle to return to Lincoln Peak Village and well-earned après.

At the Lincoln Peak Village, grab a beer or two at the Castlerock Pub. If you’re feeling hungry, grab an order of the buffalo mac n’ cheese, which is delicious and hearty and pairs well with the many Vermont beers on tap.


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