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Solitude Intermediate Itinerary

Eagle Ridge, Sunrise, Apex, Summit Chair and Eagle Express
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From Moonbeam Base Area – Moonbeam Express – Apex – Sunrise – Lunch @ Last Chance Lodge – Summit Express – Eagle Express – Return to Base

1. 8:30 - 10:00 AM – Warming up on Moonbeam

If it is a weekend powder day with sunshine in the forecast, you should make sure to arrive at Solitude early. The Moonbeam lot tends to fill so it’s best to either carpool, ride the UTA Ski Bus, or claim your spot early. Hop in line for the Moonbeam Express and take a warm-up run on Little Doodle. Hit as many of the blue and green runs off Moonbeam as you fancy.


When you’ve found your rhythm, exit the chairlift to the left and soar down Main Street to explore the other side of Solitude and locate some steeper terrain.

2. 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM – Exploring Apex and Sunrise

Take a few laps on the Apex Express which services steeper, blue-rated runs. Note that these blues may be a bit steeper and more difficult, particularly when compared to blue rated runs outside of Utah. Wall Street, off the top of Apex, is a short but steep groomed trail with enough of a pitch to get your blood pumping. Take a lap or two here before navigating to the Sunrise Express.

Sunrise services a handful of fun, uncrowded blue runs lined by thick trees. North Star, Polaris, and Dynamite are all great bets. If you are feeling bold, consider a lap on Roller Coaster, the black diamond run beneath the lift. It's not steep, but rated black due to the undulating terrain, moguls, and obstacles. The Last Chance Lodge is your lunchtime destination so it’s easiest to bag one last lap on Apex rather than skiing across the flats to reach the lodge. Bang out a quick lap on Main Street to sidle up to the lodge.

3. 12 PM – Lunch at Last Chance Lodge 

Here, you’ll discover a mouthwatering Latin taco bar, salads with Southwest flavor, soup, chili, and nachos at the Last Chance Southwest Grill. Wet your whistle with imported or local brews and if it’s sunny, enjoy the beautiful views on the deck.

4. 12:45 PM – 1:30PM – Try Something Steeper off of Summit Express

If you’re up for some steeper terrain, ride Apex Express and catch the Summit Access West cat track to the Summit Express chair. There are a handful of steeper blue groomers and mogul runs from the top of Summit. Liberty and Dynamite are favorites, but watch out for the long section of flat terrain before you reach the base of the Summit Express.

5. 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM – Scenic Afternoon Cruisers in Sunshine Bowl

If steeps aren’t calling your name, skip the step above and take Fleet Street from the top of Apex and pass the Roundhouse Lodge to locate Hal’s Hollow or Postcard. These will funnel you to the Eagle Express and a plethora of panoramic, blue-rated runs. Sunshine Bowl is a perennial favorite; it is wide, scenic, and bordered by a thick section of moguls. On your next lap, bag Wanderer and choose from the many tree-lined runs along the lower mountain: Inspiration, Fumble, Grumble, or Stumble. Take Sunshine Bowl to Same Street or Last Run to return to the Moonbeam Base Area.


If you're feeling a bit tired, you can skip Eagle Express and take a few laps on the mellower terrain of Moonbeam Express or Apex.

You've bagged some of Solitude's finest runs, sampled great food, and enjoyed beautiful views - it's time for a refreshing brew at the Argenta Pub in the upper level of the Moonbeam Lodge!


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