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Solitude Expert Itinerary

Eagle Ridge, Honeycomb Canyon, Black Forest and Headwall Forest
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From Moonbeam Base Area – Eagle Ridge – Honeycomb Canyon – Lunch @ Roundhouse – Summit Chair – Return to Base

1. 8:30 - 9:30 AM – Warming up on Sunshine Bowl

Don’t dawdle on your way to Solitude if it is a weekend powder day; the small lot tends to fill quickly so it’s best to either carpool, ride the UTA Ski Bus, or claim your spot early.

From the Moonbeam Base Area, catch the Postcard cat track down to the Eagle Express (park as far west as possible to access Eagle Express more quickly). You’re bound for the Sunshine Bowl run, the sunniest, east-facing groomer at the resort and a fantastic place to warm up. Enjoy the groomed trail or sample the moguls off to skier’s right.

2. 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM – Working through Trees and Bumps on Powderhorn

Honeycomb Canyon is typically delayed after a big storm while ski patrol performs avalanche mitigation. Your goal is to burn an hour or two and perfectly time the rope drop. To do this head to Powderhorn II and check out Diamond Lane, a long steep pitch with spectacular views. You can spend time working the tree and mogul-lined runs off Powderhorn until you no longer hear avalanche bombs consistently detonating.


From the top of Powderhorn, use the Powderhorn Cirque or Milk Run to reach the Summit Express. Be wary of sneaky cliff bands and obstacles in this extreme and steep black diamond terrain; (*note, this terrain is best avoided early season or in a bad snow year, it needs a lot of cover to ski well). For an easier route to the Summit Chair use the Summit Access West cat track from the top of the Apex Express.

3. 10:30 - 12:30 PM – Honeycomb Canyon

Turn right off the Summit Express chair and head into Honeycomb Bowl if the avalanche boundary sign is open. From here you really can’t go wrong, everything in Honeycomb is fairly steep, fun, and techy! Traversing out past Honeycomb Peak is not particularly worth the effort because the pitch becomes shorter as you traverse. Take a lap or two in Honeycomb and make your way to the Roundhouse for lunch. Note, it takes a total of 3 chairlift rides to lap Honeycomb, so a lap can run 45-60 minutes depending on how quickly you ski.

4. 12:30 PM – Lunch at Roundhouse (see more on lunch options)

From the Honeycomb Return lift, revisit the Sunshine Bowl groomer and make your way to the Roundhouse. Grab a spot on the patio or head upstairs for a seat in the loft and don’t skip the delicious Himalayan cuisine.

5. 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM – Lapping Summit Express & Finding the Last Powder Stashes

After lunch, make your way back to the Summit Express - there is ample unexplored terrain to discover. Ski up to Powderhorn II to return to the Summit Express and take your pick of afternoon fun. Headwall Forest often harbors lurking powder stashes and the groomers off Summit - Dynamite, Liberty - are steep and fun.


For a final hurrah, ride the Sunrise Chairlift to bag any remaining powder on Roller Coaster. Because Sunrise primarily services Intermediate skiers, the experts often don’t bother with this lift. Roller Coaster is a wild Hollywood line beneath the run featuring a ton of moguls, airs, hits, and rolling terrain.

Catch Apex Express and bang out a groomer or two if you’re not yet tired; Alta Bird to Dynamite is seldom crowded.

You've bagged some of Solitude's steepest and deepest lines, head to the Thirsty Squirrel and regale the tale.


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