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Chad Allred Shares the Many Benefits of Custom Skis

We sat down with Chad Allred, founder of Allred Skis, to get the scoop on his custom skis, process for building them, and how minor adjustments to ski construction can drastically improve the skiing experience for those with underlying injuries.

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Avant Ski (AS): Hello Chad! Tell us a bit about Allred Skis.

Chad Allred (CA): Located in the heart of the Wasatch mountain range, Allred is a company built solely to create one-of-a-kind skiing experiences. New for the 2020-21 season, our approach is simple: old-school craftsmanship, paired with innovative techniques and materials for a pair of skis like nothing else out there.

Chad Allred, Founder of Allred Skis

AS: Why did you decide to start building skis?

CA: I've been a physical therapist specializing in treating client conditions in an orthopedic setting for the last 21 years. What started as a curiosity to combine my love of skiing and my knowledge of the human body, has evolved into a passionate pursuit to help skiers enjoy the sport they love in a fun, healthy, and sustainable way.

AS: Why go custom? Talk us through the benefits.

CA: Our skiers have input in the process from start to finish. They are able to create the optimal ski for their unique requirements by fine tuning everything from length and width to core material and flex pattern. One of the most fun parts is enabling skiers to design their own top sheet graphic.

Chad flexing a pair of his custom skis in the Wasatch.

AS: Tell us about your building process.

CA: I control the entire process by using locally-sourced, sustainable timber to the final layup and pressing. I have partnered with RevTech™ to provide a high tech shock absorbent material to reduce vibration and improve overall performance. RevTech also maintains its properties down to -100 C, critical for harsh alpine environments.

Fully custom, from the wood core to the edge grind.

AS: What exactly can customers customize? Shape, length, graphics, etc?

CA: Our fully custom process includes length, shape, flex, and graphics. We use a computer program to create the design and cut it with a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router. I also offer off-the-shelf options at a slightly lower price-point for those who may not be interested in the custom route.

AS: What does pricing look like?

CA: We're currently offering mid-season pricing, with fully custom skis (including custom graphic) going for $1,150, custom skis with our base graphic for $950, and off-the-shelf skis for $690. Visit Allred's site for more details.

AS: How do you cater to customers who have had injuries?

CA: As a physical therapist, I'm uniquely able to offer a service to customers who have suffered an injury that makes skiing difficult or painful. I provide a bio-mechanical evaluation to determine which muscle groups are tight and/or weak and then recommend a specific exercise program to address issues identified. For example, shims/wedges can be incorporated into the design to improve knee alignment and reduce force for those who might experience knee pain associated with skiing.


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