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Ski Butlers Elevates the Rental Experience with Safety and Convenience

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We recently tried Ski Butlers and found the simplicity and ease of use even better than we had imagined. We highlight the uniqueness of our experience and why we will repeat it soon.

Once upon a time, most ski vacations started in a musty room, saturated with a peculiar stench like a bowling alley, that is both sweaty feet and chemical disinfectant. You had to wake up before dawn and wrangle your kids into layers of sweaters, jackets, pants and hats. After hustling everyone out the door, you stood in line, surrounded by shrieking children, still bleary-eyed and under-caffeinated. Too often, you would glance outside at the gently falling snow blanketing the mountain and watch your dreams of snagging “first chair” melt away like the snowflakes against the steaming window.

To cope with the pandemic this season, most resorts are encouraging — and some are even mandating — advanced reservations for rentals. Renting ahead of time is becoming routine, and in some cases, it may not even be possible to obtain day-of rentals. Even without COVID-operating procedures, renting equipment often involves waiting in lines and navigating crowds to pick up the gear.

But what if it didn't?

Since 2004, Ski Butlers has been revolutionizing the process of renting skis and snowboards with a fleet of vans that bring your rentals to your door so you can spend your day actually skiing. All you have to do is fill out a form on their website and Ski Butlers' team of trained technicians will meet and fit you wherever you happen to be. “More time on the snow means more time on vacation,” says Michael Cremeno, Chief Marketing Officer for Ski Butlers.

At Avant Ski, the freedom and hassle-free nature of renting skis has always been one of our pro tips. Ski Butlers provides all the conveniences of renting —like avoiding travel fees, cumbersome bags, and long wait times in airports — and makes it even more seamless. Their service is truly a game changer!

Easy Reservations: Reservations with Ski Butlers can easily be made online, and many hotels and property managers at ski resorts have on-site partnerships with them. Just tell Ski Butlers when and where you’re going and whether you want skis or a snowboard. You’ll have the chance to decide on the performance level of the gear (First Timer, Performance, or High Performance), and then answer a few questions to inform sizing. All equipment is manufactured by Rossignol which helps ensure consistency and availability no matter which resort you choose and none of the equipment is older than three years.

Seamless Delivery: When you travel to ski, all you need to do is check into your hotel or AirBnb, kick off your shoes, pour yourself a cup of coffee or a cocktail and wait for your Ski Butler to arrive. You’ll have the opportunity to try on your gear in the comfort of your own room and the technician will ensure that everything fits and is to your liking.

Support: If your gear needs any servicing, Ski Butlers will drive to your location in 45 minutes or less. “We’ll meet you anywhere that we can actually get the van,” Cremeno chuckles. If you need to extend your rental, Ski Butlers is just a phone call away.

Easy Returns: At the end of your vacation, leave your gear at the hotel or other safe place where the Ski Butlers will collect everything. One more way to spend more time on the mountain and avoid schlepping the whole family into the ski shop.

Pricing: Ski Butlers packages range from ~$47/day for Beginner packages to ~$67/day for high performance gear. Junior packages are also available for ~$36/day. Helmets, goggles and upgraded boots are also available. Prices may vary between resorts and similar to Uber congestion pricing, they may be higher during holiday periods or when booked last minute. Admittedly, this is a bit more expensive than renting from a shop, but we found the level of service and convenience to be well worth the premium.

Extra Safety Precautions: Ski Butlers is taking extra steps this season to ensure the safety and health of all employees and customers. Measures include face coverings for all employees, daily temperature checks, use of Medify Air Purifiers in all shops and regular sanitization of its fleet of vans. For more information visit their Safety and Service page.

What may have once seemed like an extravagance is becoming the new normal. Ski Butlers is certainly going to be part of our trip planning going forward.


More About Ski Butlers

Founded in 2004, Ski Butlers is headquartered in Park City, Utah and operates at 50 resorts globally, including 18 locations in North America, mostly centered in Utah, Colorado and Lake Tahoe. Avant Ski LLC may earn a commission on bookings through these links.


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