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Okemo Intermediate Itinerary

Clock Tower Base, Jackson Gore and Solitude Area
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From the Clock Tower Base – Sunburst Six – Jackson Gore – Tuckered Out – Lunch @ Roundhouse – Solitude – Return to Clock Tower Base

1. 8 AM – Warming up from the Summit

From the Clock Tower Base, hop on the A or B Quad to commute to the Sunburst Six via Lower Mountain Road. From the top of Sunburst, take a right to warm-up on Sweet Solitude, which connects directly into Coleman Brook. When you reach Mountain Road, make a right and cruise all the way to Lower Arrow and finally connect to Lower Mountain Road to return to the base of the Sunburst.

Head back up Sunburst. Take a right again at the top and venture down Sapphire. This cruiser runs all the way to the base of the Green Ridge Triple. *Pro tip, when it's crowded, take the Green Ridge to avoid the lines at the Sunburst. Option to take a break at the Summit Lodge for a coffee or snack.


For a class, though narrower Blue, slide down the classic Jolly Green Giant. This used to be a t-bar line, hence the pin straight trail and the name (the t-bar was painted green). This dumps onto a five-way junction, turn left to head down Upper Arrow, connect to Lower Arrow and then again, Lower Mountain Road. This time, follow Lower Mountain Road to the Sachem Quad.


When you are ready for something steeper, exit Sachem to the right for Lower World Cup. This Blue borders on Black level steepness and has the extra challenge of a double fall-line. At the bottom, take the Sunburst Six back to the Summit to make your way over to Jackson Gore.

2. 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM – Heading to Jackson Gore

From the Summit, there are two ways to reach Jackson Gore, choose based on how energetic you feel and the conditions of the day:

Option A (Feeling energetic?): From the Summit, take a quick scoot down Rum Run and hang a right into the easy glades of Whispering Pines. This drops onto Easy Rider, which quickly becomes Mountain Road. At the Jackson Gore Junction, take the slightly uphill left onto Blue Moon. This lets out onto Lower Limelight and will bring you to the Base of Jackson Gore.

Option B (Feeling leisurely?): This is a meandering route composed of groomers of varying pitches and views of some of Okemo's most spectacular homes. From the Summit, take Sweet Solitude to Coleman Brook, but this time, keep sliding straight onto Sidewinder. Right after the steepest pitch, hang an immediate left onto Moon Shadow. Cruise through two tunnels and past several expansive, trailside homes. Turn left onto Southern Crossing. Pause to ogle riders of the Mountain Coaster and slide into the Base of Jackson Gore.


3. 11 AM – Laps on Tuckered Out at Jackson Gore

Jackson Gore tends to be best suited to novices OR more advanced skiers and riders. That said, it is home to one of the resorts most loved trails: Tuckered Out. This windy trail is mostly gentle with a few surprise steeps and unexpected fall lines. It's a long ride, so be prepared!


To reach Tuckered Out, take the Coleman Brook Express to the Quantum Four via Expresso. From the top, take a right. Tuckered Out runs along the edge of Okemo's boundary and brings you back onto Expresso. From here you can head back up the Quantum Four for another lap, or make a left down Fast Track to return to the Jackson Gore Base and make your way to Roundhouse for lunch

4. 11:30 PM – 12:30PM – Lunch at Roundhouse (see more on lunch options)

After a morning of cruising the Blues, fuel-up at Roundhouse where the food court has classic options. 

5. 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM – Exploring Solitude

After lunch, cross over to Solitude by heading up the Quantum Four and exiting left to Sunset Strip. When you reach Jackson Gore Junction, take a slight left onto Mountain Road. Take your next left onto Sidewinder for a wide, groomed trail leading down to the base of Solitude. This little haven is not car accessible, so expect fewer crowds.


This is a true intermediate area, with the exception of the Plunge, which typically has moguls with a narrow bailout lane. Even Exhibition could be explored if you're feeling brave. The first pitch is why it is designated Black, but given the right snow conditions and line choice, it's fairly approachable. Take your time exploring Heaven's Gate and Screamin' Demon - both are groomed. If you feel like trees, take a stroll through the glades of Tree Dancer

6. 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM – Returning to the Clock Tower Base and a Victory Lap

To head back to the Clock Tower Base jump on the Solitude Express Quad, then head left on to Route 103 (a short traverse). Crossover Sapphire and bear left onto Lower Timberline under the Green Ridge Triple. This may be ungroomed but it is guaranteed to be less crowded. Follow Timberline to the bottom of the chair and head below the lift, spilling out onto Lower Arrow, which connects to Lower Mountain Road and returns to the Clock Tower Base Area.

Option for a victory lap: Head back up the Sunburst Six. From the top head to Easy Rider and immediately turn right onto Whistler. This open tree trail and empties out onto Upper Tomahawk. Head right on Route 103 and take Upper and Lower Arrow for a wide cruiser back to the base.

Nice work! You've explored some of the best Intermediate terrain around! Now time to Après!


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