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Grand Targhee Expert Itinerary

The Headwall, Blackfoot, South Side, Mary's/Peaked
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From Main Base Area – The Headwall – Blackfoot – Lunch @The Trap – South Side – Mary's/Peaked – Return to Base Area

1. 9am – The Headwall

The beauty of Targhee lies in its simplicity. The Dreamcatcher (DC) chair gives you access to almost the entire mountain and you can spend the good portion of a day lapping it. This lift is hard to miss  it's the first and only lift you will see when walking through the plaza.


Start by taking the Dreamcatcher lift to the top of FRED'S MOUNTAIN and head left for the Headwall Traverse to the top of Rock Garden. Here you'll have a view of your options (fog permitting). For a mellow warm up, head to Chief Joe Bowl. Or, if you're feeling ready, drop right in off of the Headwall to get the legs burning. Don't be afraid to double dip in this area throughout the day with Targhee staples like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. This area offers short steeps, occasional bumps and playful trees.


The entire HEADWALL AREA empties into Chief Joe Bowl where you can take the Funnel back to the base area or stay right and ski to the bottom of the Blackfoot Chair for a natural transition to the resort's northern powder stashes.


Image Courtesy of Grand Targhee Resort

2. 10:30am-12pm – Finding Powder Hideouts in Blackfoot

On a powder day BLACKFOOT is a great area to spend the late morning as there are an abundance of glades and powder hideouts. Head left at the top of the chair on the Blackfoot Traverse towards the NORTHERN BOUNDARY. As you head further out on the traverse it begins to narrow becoming more difficult to navigate until you reach the resort's boundary line. Drop in anywhere along the traverse that looks good and ski the fall line until you hit the catwalk at the bottom which will return you to the Blackfoot Chair. Repeat until you've had your fill. On a sunny day runs like Arrowhead and Floyd's Fantasy under the Blackfoot Chair. are perfect high speed groomers. To return to the base it is best to take a right when unloading the chair and make your way into Chief Joe Bowl being careful to not miss the Funnel traverse on the left.

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3. 12pm – Lunch @The Trap or Wild Bill's

Enjoy a beer and burger at the Trap Bar. If you are with the family, try Wild Bill's in the Rendezvous Lodge. All of your lunch options are in the main base area at the bottom of the Dreamcatcher Chair.

4. 1-3:30pm – Exploring the Sacajawea Lift Area

After you've refueled, take Dreamcatcher back to the top and stay right when unloading to check out the south side of the mountain. Take a quick right off of the Teton Vista Traverse (TVT) to enjoy the wide open and mellow field of Happy Hunting Grounds. The open field will slowly roll over into a variety of terrain. On these short but steep pitches, you'll find a variety of chutes and playful terrain before hitting the Teton Vista Traverse again to return to the base.


One can easily spend an afternoon lapping the Instructor Chutes and Nasty Gash but beware of thin coverage in the early season. To continue exploring, follow the TVT into Middle Earth and Waterfall. This is Targhee's natural terrain park where the kids go to play. If you venture below the TVT, the next catwalk, the Powder Reserve Traverse, will take you back to the base area.

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5. 1:30pm-Until You've Had Enough! – Targhee's Best on Mary's & Peaked Mountain

We've saved some of Targhee's best terrain for the afternoon. While you were skiing the Happy Hunting Grounds or one of the south facing chutes you probably noticed the rugged cliff bands located on PEAKED MOUNTAIN or the open glades on Mary's Nipple. If you're feeling up to the task, this incredible terrain is accessed by hiking through the backcountry gates. Once again, take TVT until you have the option to hang a left at one of two groomed turnouts. From there, traverse/ hike until you reach the Mary's gate.


Mary's Nipple is a short hike that will be worth the reward. The bootpack is usually well established and offers incredible views of the Teton Range. Just below the mountain peak, the bootpack will level out so you can click into your skis and reap your spoils. At the bottom of Mary's the terrain will flatten out and you can head back onto the TVT.


Once you reached the top of Mary's Nipple you can continue across the saddle following the traverse to the PEAKED MOUNTAIN bootpack where the terrain accessed is very exposed and committing. Do not try and conquer PEAKED MOUNTAIN unless you are with someone who is familiar with the area.


PEAKED MOUNTAIN does offer more mellow steeps, chutes, and cliffs lower on the ridge. To access double diamonds, Das Boat or Toilet Bowl head to the bottom of the Sacajawea Chair. Once at the top, unload to the left to access Das Boat through the control gates on the right. The terrain is full of tight chutes and cliffs and becomes more forgiving further down


Toilet Bowl is accessed thought the first control gate on the right. Once through the gate you must hike up the ridge for ~5 minutes until you reach the rope line. Toilet Bowl is directly below you through the trees. Please note all of the terrain access through any control gate is extreme and should not be taken lightly. Obey all posted signs and warmings. Scope the terrain before you make decisions and ski with a friend.

The Sacajawea Lift closes at 3:30pm so make sure you are returning to the main base area via the Powder Reserve Traverse by then.

Congratulations! If you're looking for an après scene, the Powder Reserve Traverse will send you skiing right onto the deck of the Trap Bar. For more options, check out our full après guide here.



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