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Grand Targhee Beginner Itinerary

Shoshone, Teton Vista Traverse
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From Main Base Area – Papoose/Shoshone Lifts – Dreamcatcher Lift – Teton Vista Traverse – Return to Main Base Area

Guide to Grand Targhee's Beginner Terrain

Grand Targhee has one of the most convenient and easiest beginner areas to navigate. Whether you are new to the slopes, just learning, or taking the kids out there is something for everyone to enjoy. The Papoose Magic Carpet and the Shoshone Lift are just to the left of the base area and service almost all of Targhee’s beginner terrain.  


1. Getting Comfortable in the Shoshone Area

The whole SHOSHONE AREA is scattered with features for the kids. Alley Opp Alley, Bobsled, The Eyeball Forest and the Bat Cave are just a few of the runs that will keep the little ones busy all day. Big Horn, Outback, and The Meadows are all wide open, mellow spaces where everyone can get comfortable sliding around. You can also access the North Pole Terrain, perfect to start trying jumps and other features. Don’t let the terrain park scare you; this playful run should not intimidate anyone.  


2. Cruising Down from the top of Fred's

If the sun is out and you do want to go to the top of the mountain there is a beginner option. The Teton Vista Traverse (TVT) starts at the top of the Dreamcatcher chair and slowly snakes down the south side of FRED'S MOUNTAIN. This is Targee's longest run, from the top of FRED's all the way down to the base area.

Congratulations! You've covered all of Grand Targee's Beginner terrain. If you're feeling confident, check out our Intermediate Itinerary. If you're ready for some après action, check out our full après guide here.


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