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Deer Valley Expert Itinerary

Flagstaff Mountain, Daly Bowl & Chutes, Lady Morgan and Bald Mountain
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From Snow Park Lodge – Flagstaff Mt. – Empire Canyon – Lady Morgan  – Lunch @ Empire Lodge –  Bald Mt. –  Return to Base

1. 9:00 AM – Bald Mountain

We prefer to explore BALD MOUNTAIN earlier in the day as it can get skied off (where as Empire Canyon is less traveled and tends to stay fresh). BALD MT.  has several groomers to warm up along with plenty of steep terrain. From Snow Park Base, catch the Silver Lake Express to the Base of the Sterling Express. Take the Sterling Express to the top and have a warm up lap or two on Nabob or Birdseye.

Once ready, have a few laps off of the Sultan Express and Mayflower (these lifts converge at the top of BALD MT.  along with the Sterling Express). We like the Ruins of Pompeii, it starts off fairly steep and has a few trees to navigate. On a powder day, the bumps can become large. Stein’s Way can be a lot of fun for a steeper, morning groomer. 

On a powder day, if you're looking for more, we recommend venturing into Mayflower Bowl.

2. 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM – Flagstaff & Ontario Bowl

Next, work your way over to FLAGSTAFF. From the top of BALD MT. , stay under the Sterling Express to be far enough to the skier's left to connect to Trainer and then the Base of the Quincy Express. For a cruiser, stay to the skier's left at the peak for Hawkeye. We also like Sidewinder. Four express lifts converge at the top of FLAGSTAFF so it's easy to return to the top.

On a powder day, Ontario Bowl is a must, this area has a decent pitch, nicely space trees and lots of soft stuff. Follow Ontario to the sign and small entry path to the Bowl. Its a 5-7 minute hike from here and well worth it. The further out you are willing to go, the longer the run and the softer snow you will find. The Bowl lets out back to Ontario and to the bottom of the Quincy Express. 

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3. 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM – Lady Morgan 

When ready for more trees and a wider slope, make your way over to Lady Morgan Bowl - this wide open area is not super steep and tends to preserve powder. From the top of FLAGSTAFF, stay to your skier's left and take Bandana, past the Empire Lodge, where you can stop for a snack or to warm up by the fire, before continuing down Walker to Webster to reach the bottom of the Lady Morgan Express.

4. 1:45 PM – 3:15PM – Empire Canyon & the Daly Chutes

**On a powder day you may wish to start here. Otherwise, after lunch, head straight to Daly Bowl and Daly Chutes, both are Double Diamonds. We like to start with Daly Bowl, exit Empire Express to the left and follow Orion through the gated area. Daly Bowl is wide open and the bumps can be large. From here, peek up at the chutes. Ensure the conditions are right; after a big storm this area can be closed for avalanche control. 


To reach the Daly Chutes, numbered 4 - 10, go past Daly Bowl and pick up enough speed to zoom along the narrow path. Most of the chutes have a cornice that stops skiers in their tracks and requires some thought about how to jump and which line to take to enter the narrow, rock lined chutes. Chute 4 is probably the steepest and narrowest; there is no shame in going past in to find a better entry point. It helps to go with someone who has done this before (or find a group to follow). The top portion of the chutes are very steep and narrow, requiring a strategic path and usually allowing only a handful of jump turns. The chutes then open up into a wider area, that is less steep and tons of fun.

For soft snow and an outstanding gladed experience, continue past all of the chutes to the X-Files trees on the far skier's right. 

The Daly Bowl and Chutes link into Orion and return to the base of Empire Express.

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170 Deer Valley Resort Winter_Adult Ski

5. 3:15PM – 4PM – Return to Snow Park Lodge Base

When you have had your full or the Chutes close, head back towards the Silver Lake Lodge, via FLAGSTAFF MOUNTAIN. Head down any route underneath the Quincy Express and take the short Viking Chair  to the Homestake Express (be wowed by the houses) and then take your pick of runs to the base. If you’re feeling a little tired, take Success from the top of Homestake.

Congratulations – you’ve explored the some of Deer Valley's finest glades and steepest terrain - Time for Après Ski!


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