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Deer Valley Intermediate Itinerary

Bald Eagle, Flagstaff Mountain and Bald Mountain
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From Snow Park Lodge – Bald Eagle – Quincy Express - Flagstaff Mt. - Lunch @ Silver Lake Restaurant or Stein Eriksen – Sterling Express - Bald Mt. –  Return to Base

1. 9:00 AM – Catching Fresh Corduroy on Bald Eagle

From SNOW PARK BASE, catch the Carpenter Express and survey the fresh corduroy below. Deer Valley's lay out allows you to quickly start skiing. If it's been awhile, take an easy lap up on Success, a gentle, winding cruiser from the top to the bottom of Little Baldy.

If you prefer to jump right in to something a little steeper, exit Carpenter Express to the left and take Roamer into Big Stick. Big Stick is wide with a few loosely spaced trees in the center which can be fun to weave around. Enjoy the big corduroy stripes. It gets a little steeper two-thirds of the way down (this part is rated Double Blue), but when groomed is still enjoyable. If that is more than you bargained for, stay to your skier's right and connect to Little Stick for a more gentle pitch, followed by a small traverse to return to the base of Carpenter Express.

It's also fun to start the day on Champion, the site of the 2002 Olympic freestyle moguls - check the grooming report first! Champion is steep, but groomed frequently, enabling intermediates to ski the Olympic Run - without the bumps! To access, take Little Stick. Similar to its "Big" neighbor, Little Stick starts wide with sparsely spaced trees. If Champion is not groomed, you can always follow Little Stick all the way back to the base. 

When you are ready for the higher peaks, take the Silver Lake Express from the base of BALD EAGLE and follow the short traverse on Trainer to Quincy Express to the top of FLAGSTAFF MOUNTAIN.  

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2. 10:15 AM - 12:30 PM – FLAGSTAFF MOUNTAIN - Rife with Blues

FLAGSTAFF is great for Intermediates - the views are photo-worthy and you can have your choice of Blue runs that go the full length of the mountain. Four express quad lifts converge at the peak, so you are never too far from your next run. The terrain is mostly groomed and not super steep. It is easy to spend several hours here, working your way from Hawkeye (to the skier's far left) and building up to Hidden Treasure

We like to start with Sidewinder, exit Quincy Express to your right. Carved between two lifts, this run is wide open and perfect for big, wide turns. Take Northside Express back to the top and survey the landscape of Blues beneath - Lost Boulder, Lucky Star and Hawkeye. The top portion directly under Northside has wide, loosely spaced trees and many chances to make your own tracks. The Boulder Bumps are perfectly spaced and the pitch is gentle - ideal conditions for practicing.  

With so much skiing so easily accessible, you may want a quick break. Cushings Cabin is conveniently located at the top of FLAGSTAFF. Its easy to pop in for some of Deer Valley's best treats - grab a hot chocolate, fresh based cookie, or even a bowl of turkey chili.

Hidden Treasure, to the skier's far right is one of our favorites. This burner is long, winding and you can find often find bumps (hidden treasures) here.

3. 12 PM – 1 PM  – Lunch at Silver Lake Restaurant or Stein Eriksen 

After a morning on Flagstaff, we recommend lunch at Silver Lake Restaurant, especially on a blue sky day where you can enjoy the outdoor seating. From the bottom of the Quincy Express, take a quick lift on Viking to reach the Silver Lake Lodge.  

From Silver Lake Lodge, you can also easily access the Stein Eriksen and make your way to Glitretind for a leisurely lunch (we can't blame you!).

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152 Deer Valley Resort Winter_Ski With A
Bald Mt

4. 1:45 PM – 3:15PM – Bald Mountain for a Progression of Blues

After lunch, you are well positioned to explore BALD MT., another great peak for Intermediates. Take the Sterling Express to the top where three lifts converge. Take a few laps on the Sterling Express. We like Nabob, its very wide at the top where it shares a bowl-like area with Wizard, Legal Tender and Keno. Nabob runs to the bottom of Wasatch Express. 

An afternoon NASTAR race is a fun option on Bald Mt. and a great way to decide who’s buying at Après Ski. To access the NASTAR course, take Nabob to Race Course (get there before 3pm and make sure you have $5 cash for the race fee). Spectators can watch from Little Red and meet you at the bottom.


For some slightly steeper terrain, stay left when you exit the lifts at the top of Bald Mt. and try some of the Double Blues underneath the Sultan Express - Tycoon, Perserverance, Edgar's Alley. These runs are a little steeper than those on the Sterling Express side and a good way to show off the turns you've been perfecting.


Stein’s Way is another top pick on the side of BALD MT.. closer to Mayflower Bowl. It starts off Double Blue and then has a steeper portion with a Black rating – but its groomed regularly and a nice way to pick up a bit of speed and test those edges, before it becomes more gentle again at the bottom.

029 Deer Valley Resort Winter_Scenic Ski

5. 3:15PM – 4PM – Return to Snow Park Lodge Base

When you have had your full of BALD MT. from the bottom of Wasatch Express, take the Crown Point short triple to cross the ridge and follow Kimberly to Big Stick to the Base.

From the bottom of Sterling Express, you can also take the Homestake Express (be wowed by the houses) and then take your pick of runs to the base. If you’re feeling a little tired, take Success from the top of Homestake.

Congratulations – you’ve explored FLAGSTAFF & BALD MOUNTAINS - Time for Après Ski!


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