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Alpine Meadows Intermediate Itinerary

Alpine Meadows Intermediate Itinerary - Kangaroo, Sherwood, Roundhouse, Summit, Lakeview


Mountain Areas



Trails: Beginner, IntermediateExpert 

Overview – From Main Lodge –Warm up on Kangaroo – Early Sun on Sherwood – Terrain Variety on Roundhouse – Lunch @ The Chalet – the Summit – Lakeview

1. 9-9:30AM – Warming up on the Kangaroo Chair

A few laps on Kangaroo Main Run and Nick's Run will get you ready for all the turns to come. From the main lodge, head out the breezeway toward the mountain, and take a right to get on Kangaroo Chair.

2. 9:30-11:15AM – Finding the soft stuff on the Backside & Sherwood Express

Once you're feeling ready, the goal is to get to the backside as quickly as possible. The Southeast facing terrain here gets the first light on the mountain and tends to offer the best morning snow. To get there from Kangaroo, take Nick's Run to Treeline Cirque, Alpine Meadows' newest high speed quad. Take it to the top and exit left to start with Sherwood for a well-groomed trip to the bottom of the backside. Be sure to stop a short way down the trail and take a few pictures with one of the most open Tahoe views from Alpine. 


Head back up the Sherwood Express for a few more groomed options. Exit right and try Robin Hood or Maid Marian, both funnel back to Sherwood Run.


When you're ready for an extra challenge, it's time to head to the South Face trees. This area will provide some excitement without being too steep. From the top of the Sherwood Express, exit left and follow the cat track to reach South Face, the easiest to access of the south side bowls. This wide open area is an opportunity to experience skiing the high alpine (no pun intended!) Be ready for moguls, variable terrain, and some natural obstacles – this area is never groomed. 


Cruising down Sherwood

3. 11:15AM – Terrain variety abounds between Roundhouse & Yellow

When you're ready for more terrain variety, take Return Road back to the frontside and make your way down Weasel to Roundhouse Express. This lift is a local favorite for its quick ride servicing a huge variety of terrain. Start off with a run down Rock Garden to Dance Floor, bringing you on a fun, groomed run with rollers back to the chair. Similar runs can be made through Charity and Werner's Schuss - try different combinations to find your favorite.

For more challenge, head left off of the lift and toward Yellow Chair. Yellow Trail is one of the steeper well-groomed runs at Alpine, while Fall Line and Ladies Slalom are often left ungroomed, providing a great playground to practice your bump skiing. Use Yellow Chair to lap this terrain, or take the full lap back down to Roundhouse for longer runs.


For some steeper options and trees, head back toward Roundhouse. The trees under the lift line are well spaced. For steeper moguls, take a right off of the lift and traverse out to The Face. Our last suggestion, on your way to lunch, is to take Upper Weasel One to Hot Wheels Gully for a rollercoaster ride through the trees in a creek bed. This run conveniently ends right above The Chalet.

4. 1PM – Lunch @ The Chalet (see more on lunch options here)

Enjoy the Bavarian-style food and drink options, and grab a seat outside on the deck. Don't forget to re-apply that sunscreen.

5. 1:45PM – The Summit

Now that you've refueled, it's time to take your skiing to the top - literally! Head down to the base and hop on the Summit Express. Head straight off of the chair and drop left into Alpine Bowl, the widest groomed run many have ever skied! Enjoy the fun rollers and turns on the way down, choosing one of the many route options you learned earlier from skiing Roundhouse. It's a long top to bottom lap, but you'll have plenty of time to recover on the chair!


Next lap - turn around immediately and head down the chair line until you hit North Peril, a moderately pitched short run that's not nearly as scary as it sounds. Connect to lower Wolverine then East Runout for another fun groomed lap back to the chair.

Though it is labeled a black diamond, we recommend heading over to Wolverine Bowl. Turn right off of Summit Express and follow the resort boundary to the saddle. Stop to check out the views all the way to the base, take a picture with the trail sign, and have a blast on the way down. This area is groomed on lower snow years, but often left as-is when storms come through, providing the wide open ski experience you see in the movies.

Alpine_Summit_Intermediate Itinerary.jpg

Soak in the views from the Summit

6. 3:15PM – Perfect end with stunning views from Lakeview

Every run off of the Lakeview Chair has picturesque views of Lake Tahoe. Most of the terrain here is groomed, with small patches of moguls; a perfect way to cool down after a long day. From the Summit, go to Scott Chair by way of Weasel Run. Take a right off the chair, linking Scott Ridge to Standard Run, and make your way to the bottom of the Lakeview Chair.


Start out by taking a right off the top and skate a short way up the initial slope to Outer Limits, a fantastic groomed run leading right back to the chair. Stop at the top for a quick photo or two before heading in. Many people will take small turns into the trees along the sides of Outer Limits, but remember to keep it safe. Next lap, head left off the chair and down Mountain View, providing a glimpse of what you've spent the day skiing. This wide groomer also funnels you back to the chair.


Once you're ready to call it a day, take Leisure Lane to Scott Ridge to make your way back to the base lodge.

Nice work! You've made it through some of the best Alpine Meadows has to offer, and explored all of the main areas! Head to the Auld Dubliner in Olympic Village to relax and grab a beer or check out our Après Guide for more options. 


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