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Winter Park Intermediate Itinerary

Explorer, Pioneer, Looking Glass, Panoramic, and Mary Jane
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From Winter Park Base – Cranmer – Prospector – Pioneer – Jabberwocky – Looking Glass – Lunch @ Sunspot – High Lonesome – Panoramic – Mary Jane Highlights – Return to Base

1. 9AM – Warming up on Explorer

From the BASE OF WINTER PARK, head up the Gondola. Start with a run (or many) on Cranmer, (pronounced craN-mer) a local favorite for warming up. George Cranmer, is the 'father of Winter Park' and this namesake is a testament to his contribution to the ski area since 1935. The trail is quite wide and has bumps on skiers right, some fun trails through the woods for the kids, and several mild rolls. The Nastar course is on the lower portion, so if you are looking to get competitive early in the day, this is your chance! 

Take Explorer and complete your warm up with a run down Bradley's Bash. This trail is normally groomed on skier's left, and has bumps on the right – take your pick.

2. 10AM – Groomers Galore in Prospector & Pioneer

When you’re ready for more, hop on Prospector; this lift loads from the same place as the Explorer. Make a run down either Tweedle Dee, a mild blue groomer, or Tweedle Dum, a short blue-black in the trees. These two trails converge at the bottom, so it is easy to split and reconvene. 


From the bottom, follow the Wagon Train catwalk to the Pioneer Lift. Note, this is very flat, snowboarders will want a skier buddy to borrow a pole.


Enjoy a few laps on the long groomers of Pioneer. Our favorites are Stagecoach and Buckaroo, but it is hard to go wrong. The groomers in this area tend to be empty and untouched. 

3. 11AM – Iconic Looking Glass

When you are starting to feel hungry, take Pioneer and hop on Gunbarrel to Lonesome Whistle from the top. For a mogul challenge, try your hand at Aces and Eights. Either way, these two trails convene at Dilly Dally Alley, an unmissable trail of small jumps through the woods that will get the kids laughing and adults worried about their knees! 


Once recovered, follow the rest of Lonesome Whistle to the bottom of the Looking Glass Lift, a Winter Park icon. The two-person chair is slow, but the experience will take you back to the resort's origins. The line here tends to be shorter.


From the top of Looking Glass, ski Over 'N' Underwood, a mild bump run (usually soft snow and small bumps on skiers right). Pass Snoasis and exit along the bottom of Cranmer to Explorer. Take this quad back to the top of Winter Park for lunch at Sunspot.

4. 11:45AM – Lunch at Sunspot

Enjoy a sit-down lunch in a cozy dining room in the Lodge at Sunspot. Be sure to make a reservation. Fill your stomach with comfort foods. A fan favorite is Parry's Pasta - heaven in a mushroom cream sauce. 

5. 12:45PM – Afternoon views on Panoramic

From Sunspot, head to High Lonesome via the Whistle Stop catwalk. Take High Lonesome to the top of MARY JANE, and then ski Bluebell to the Panoramic Express. This high speed six-pack will take you right to the top of PARSENN BOWL, but don't be intimidated, there is plenty of intermediate terrain, even with these views!


Stop for some photos at the top, and then make two laps here. First, head down Parry's Peek, which follows the ridge on skiers right all the way to the bottom, and offers great views over the edge. Take Panoramic back to the top, and this time turn left and ski either Sky Pilot or Fireberry Glade for a gladed blue-black trail. 


Follow signs through Wildwood Glade to Roundhouse, a winding blue back to the bottom of the Sunnyside Lift. Ride the Sunnyside back up and take Sleeper to the MARY JANE BASE

6. 3PM – Venture to Mary Jane, Try the Moguls or Just Cruise Groomers

Take the Super Gauge to the top of MARY JANE, and then follow the first part of Whistlestop to Upper Arrowhead Loop. Connect this steeper trail, which often has moguls, but not to worry, they are never big, to Rainbow Cut, a local favorite groomer on MARY JANE


Depending on your time and energy, make another lap on the Super Gauge. We recommend cruising the Mary Jane Trail for a mild, cool down run.

Congratulations – you've explored four of Winter Park's seven territories, and enjoyed some of the best views that Colorado has to offer - Time for Après Ski!


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