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Sugarloaf Intermediate Itinerary

Whiffletree, King Pine, SuperQuad, Skyline, Timberline
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From Base Lodge – Whiffletree – King Pine – SuperQuad – Lunch @ Bullwinkle's – Skyline – Timberline – Return to Base

*Note – Some of the trails are numbered on the resort map (when space does not allow the full name to be displayed. Lifts are assigned letters. This guide may reference trail numbers and lift letters for the purpose of helping you locate them on the map. Beware, these numbers/letters are not used on the on-mountain signage.*

1. 9:00 - 10:15 AM – Warming up on Whiffletree

From the Base Lodge, take a a quick walk over to the Whiffletree Quad and head up to get your legs going. For a mellow start, take Upper to Lower Whiffletree, which starts as a blue but mellows out quickly into a long, wide open green.


Once you're feeling warm, take a few runs on Springboard and Buckboard. Both are classic, narrow New England blues – Springboard is a straight shot down while Buckboard winds its way around the mountain. Upper Skid Road is another fun option and has the steepest face in this area. It also tends to have some medium sized park features. 


When you're ready to move on, head back up Whiffletree and exit left to follow Tohaul to the base of the King Pine Quad.

Intermediate Itinerary Whiffletree.jpg

Whiffletree warm up

2. 10:15 – 11:30 AM – Getting Steeper on King Pine

King Pine services slightly steeper terrain and the crowds are non-existent. Ramdown is the easiest option here, but Boomauger, Haul Back, and Widowmaker are amongst the most approachable black-rated runs on the mountain. If you're looking for a longer run, try Ramdown to Springboard or Poleline, all the way back to the base of Whiffletree.


Want to test your mettle in the trees? Broccoli Garden (38 on the map) is great intro glade, with well space trees and a milder pitch. Access it from the top of Whiffletree (accessible via Ramdown from King Pine) take Upper Buckboard and keep an eye out for an entrance to the trees on your right.


When you've explored everything on this side of the mountain, ride back up King Pine and ski down to SuperQuad by staying as far to the skier's left as you can until you're able to cross over to SuperQuad.

Intermediate Itinerary SuperQuad.jpg

3. 11:30 AM – 12:30PM – Wide Open, Winding Groomers from the SuperQuad

Now that you're in the groove, it's time to carve some big, sweeping turns on the wide open groomers accessed by SuperQuad. Exit the lift to the right onto Pick Pole (23 on the map), noting the trails going down to your right. The further you traverse the more mellow the trails become. Tote Road is a Suagrloaf classic, and offers a long, winding run that transitions from blue to green and drops you off back at SuperQuad. King's Landing to Candyside is a fantastic blue run that features nice steeps up top. If you want to progress to something slightly more difficult, Hayburner is a wide open groomer that is a bit steeper than its counterpart in King's Landing.


If you're looking for more of a challenge, Double Bitter is a black-rated trail that is left ungroomed. It's a great place to try your hand (or legs) at natural terrain. When you've sufficiently worked up an appetite, it's time to head on over to Bullwinkle's.

Carving off of SuperQuad

4. 12:30 – 1:30 PM – Lunch @Bullwinkle's (see more lunch options in our mountain guide)

When you're ready for lunch, take Pick Pole all the way across to Lower Timberline, which will take you to Bullwinkle's. Time to chow down! This mid-mountain restaurant offers high quality pub fare and what is likely one of the best Bloody Marys you'll find on a mountain. Kick back and enjoy, you've earned it!

5. 1:30 PM – Get Your Heart Pumping at Skyline

After you've refueled, it's time to check out Skyline. From Bullwinkle's, take Tote Road back down to the Super Quad. Take Super Quad, then ski down to Skyline via King's Landing and cut across Peavy X-Cut.


At the top, exit left onto Spillway X-Cut. Take your first left to access Sluice Chute (18 on the map). This trail starts as a black diamond featuring a decently steep headwall, but mellows out quickly into an expansive blue that holds good snow all throughout the day. Another option is to merge left onto Upper Spillway, a similar trail that is a bit steeper and rated black. Stashes of fresh snow can often be found on the left side of this trail, directly underneath the lift. When you're ready for some sustained pitch, take a right at the top of Skyline to access Narrow Gauge. One of the first trails ever cut at Sugarloaf, it features thrilling steeps that are guaranteed to get the heart pumping.

6. 2:30 PM – Timberline for some easy, winding trails and unrivaled scenery to end the day

Now that your legs are sufficiently on fire, it's time to cruise over to Timberline for some easier, winding trails with fantastic scenery to end the day. From the top of Skyline, ski down to Timberline by exiting right and following Buckskin. Exit Timberline right for an easy run down Upper Timberline. The westernmost trail at Sugarloaf, this green circle offers incredible views across the state. On a clear day you can even see Mount Washington!


Cinder Hoe is another fun option that winds through scrub pine back down to the lift. When you're ready to call it quits, take Tote Road from the summit all the way back to the BASE VILLAGE. At 3.5 miles, this is Sugarloaf's longest trail and it is an awesome cruiser to end the day.

Intermediate Itinerary Timberline.jpg

Views from Upper Timberline

Congrats! You just conquered all of the intermediate terrain that Sugarloaf has to offer. Time to head to the Widowmaker for a well deserved drink. Head to our après guide for additional options.


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