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Images courtesy of Snowbasin Resort

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Snowbasin Intermediate Itinerary

Wildcat Bowl, Becker, Strawberry, Mt Ogden Bowl Road, Needle's Run, Middle Bowl
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From Grizzly Center - Warm Up on Wildcat - Becker - Needles Gondola - Strawberry Gondola - Elk Ridge - Dan's Run - - John Paul - Lunch @ John Paul - Porky Face - Needle's Gondola & Run - Middle Bowl - Return to Base

1. 9:00am – Warming up on Wildcat & Becker

*Intermediates can easily spend several days exploring Snowbasin's expansive terrain. This itinerary can be broken up over a few days.


Skip the long line to start the day on Needles Gondola and head up the Wildcat Express for a warm up on Wildcat Bowl. While not super steep, this trail is meticulously groomed and perfect for loosening up. Take a few laps here. From the top of Wildcat Express, you can also exit left to try Sunny Side or Beaver Slide, both feed into Bear Hollow where it is fun to weave around the trees.


Bear Hollow opens up into your choice of wide, open groomers, follow Becker Face, School Hill or Snow Shoe to return to the base of Becker. From here, you can take the Becker Lift, it is a bit slow, but younger children will enjoy the unique magic carpet approach. Try Willow to Penny Lane for a mellow cruiser.

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2. 9:45am – Longer Groomers with Incredible Views on Strawberry

When you're feeling ready, head to STRAWBERRY by taking Becker and exit left to follow Bear Springs to the STRAWBERRY BASEGrab a coffee or snack from the Strawberry Slopeside, conveniently located at the STRAWBERRY BASE. There is outdoor seating, or hop onto the Strawberry Gondola to enjoy your coffee on the 12 minute ride to the top. On a clear day, the view from the peak is incredible, you can see the Great Salt Lake and across four states — Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho. Snap some pictures, then make your way down Snowbasin's longest trail, Elk RidgeThis trail wraps around the southern most edge of the resort and gives you a glimpse into Sister's Bowl. You can follow Elk Ridge all the way down and for a variety of pitches, rollers and trees. Or cut off into some of the steeper surrounding blacks diamond runs like Twist & Shout or Gordon's Gully — if they look groomed and you feel comfortable, give it a shot.

Main Street is also a fun, top to bottom route. Main Street is almost always groomed, but you can usually find bumps along both outer edges. Follow Main Street to the Base of the Strawberry Gondola — or cut skier's right into Coyote Bowl — either way, your legs will be be burning by the end. All of these trails eventually collect at the base of the Strawberry Gondola. Try a couple of different routes.

There's still lots to explore and it will take awhile to cross the resort to make it to John Paul Lodge for lunch. We recommend starting to make your way back to the MAIN BASE around noon. We promise checking out the JOHN PAUL AREA will be worth the trek.


Soaking in the view from Strawberry Peak. Image courtesy of Snowbasin Resort.


Slopeside dining at Strawberry Base.

3. 12:15pm – Dan's Run to Lunch

From the top of STRAWBERRY, Follow Elk Ridge to Main Street and connect to Dan's Run - try to watch the signs, they are few and far between, and just be cognizant of trying to continuously choose to stick to the skier's left. Main Street is delineated by the neon covered snow guns (this is especially helpful when visibility is low). Dan's Run traverses back to the front side, keep your eye out for the colorful bird's nest in the woods along the way. Choose whatever suits your fancy, starting with Willow, all routes will return to the GRIZZLY CENTER and from here you can get to JOHN PAUL.

Snowbasin Intermediate 4-6.jpg

Find the colorful birds' nest on Dan's Run.

4. 12:45pm – Lunch @John Paul Lodge

Take the John Paul Express and catch a glimpse of the 2002 Men's and Women's Olympic downhill runs - Grizzly and Wildflower. You have lunch time to think about whether you are up for this challenge. The John Paul Lodge is stunning with its hexagonal facade and giant windows overlooking the Ogden Cirque. The food quality stands up to the views and the chicken waffles are a must!

5. 1:45pm – Soak in the Views on Mt. Ogden Bowl Road and Hit Porcupine for some Powder

Mt. Ogden Bowl Road is the easiest way back to the MAIN BASE and with spectacular views the whole way. Beware, most of the terrain on JOHN PAUL is extremely steep.


Mt. Ogden Bowl Road takes you to the base of the Porcupine Lift. This chair is slow but also the only way to access Porky Face which tends to hold fresh snow, given its a little harder to reach. We like to head up here and then ski Porky Face all the way to the base of Needles Gondola.

6. Wrap up the Day on Needles & Middle Bowl

We like saving the best of NEEDLES for the afternoon as any potential crowds are likely to have dissipated and the Gondola runs until 4pm. For a top to bottom groomer, follow Needles Run back to the base.


Take the gondola back up and this time stick to the skier's right to try some of the blue runs on MIDDLE BOWL. Fro Zone and Sweet Revenge are both a lot of fun. Take the Middle Bowl Chair a couple of times for convenient access to the steeper and deeper portion of the mountain.


Close out the day with as many laps on the Needles Gondola and/or Middle Bowl as you can fit in. Everything here returns to the MAIN BASE.

Congratulations! You have explored Snowbasin's finest groomers, tried some steeper lines and hopefully seen some breathtaking views. Head to the The Cinnabar in Earl's Lodge. For more après options, see our guide.


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