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Get the Most from Your Season with Some Time Indoors

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Whether getting started, fine tuning your skills, or looking to stay sharp during the off season, Indoor Ski Training Centers offer plenty to challenge and prepare you to take it to the next level on the mountain. Few seasoned skiers in North America have experienced this “indoor burn.” That’s where the Inside Ski Training Center comes into play. Part treadmill, part astroturf, these simulators have been more prevalent overseas, but are now becoming more available in the United States with facilities in Minneapolis, Orlando, Denver, San Francisco, San Diego, and DC.

Indoor skiing is an important outlet for starting out, improving your skill set, coming off of an injury, or racers looking for an edge. An hour’s drive from the nation’s capital in historic Leesburg, VA, Nancy and Brian Deely's Inside Ski Training Center has the only infinite slope in the Mid-Atlantic. Inside Ski’s “snow treadmill” will have you shredding within 15 minutes. I was lucky enough to try it this fall, and by the end of my 30-minute session, I was longing for colder temperatures and blistering winds!

Indoor Ski - Explained

Inside Ski is a massive treadmill with an artificial turf surface misted with water that simulates snow. The turf cycles at a max speed of 15mph and the slope angles range from 13° to 17.5°. The friction generated between the skis/board is much greater than that experienced outside, but if your form is good here, it bodes well...the converse may not be true. No cheating here!

There is a semi-transparent mirror at the bottom of the slope where you can watch yourself and make real time changes based on feedback from the instructor. The instructor is able to gain perspective from all four sides. 

The instructor controls the speed and pitch from a console or handheld remote equipped with a safety shutoff. A rip cord stop is positioned at shin level around three sides should you fall and need to stop it yourself.

The Experience – Breaking Down the Session

Nancy Deely, the shop owner, warned us that a 30-minute session was the equivalent of 2-3 hours of slope time. Session options can be private or for groups of up to 3 people. Sessions can be purchased individually or packages of 4, 8 and 12 sessions are available (hint, better value comes with more sessions). For the full range of options, see here.