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Father's Day Ski Gift Guide for the Ski Dad

Father's Day is a great time to take advantage of the best gifts and off-season deals for skiers and snowboarders or those who have family who might be avid skiers themselves. Help Dad remember the last ski season by getting the perfect gift that will be a constant reminder of the joy he felt on the slopes and encourage him to get ready for the next one. We also include our favorite ideas for staying cool, comfortable, and active all summer long.

These items were independently chosen by The Avant Ski Contributors. Avant Ski LLC may earn a commission on purchases through these links.


1. Smith Wildcat sunglasses. There's a reason the Smith Wildcats are one of the most popular mountain biking sunglasses on the market. Not only do they look cool, but they protect from the UV rays that shine while you are skiing and bounce off of the snow. They offer the protection and coverage of goggles with the breathability and style of sunglasses. They come with a bright-light ChromaPop™ lens and an easily changeable clear lens, perfect for a skier enjoying late rides or riding in heavily shaded forests. Dad will feel 20 years younger skiing down the mountains of Colorado with his cool shades on display.

2. Goodr sports sunglasses are comfortable, durable, polarized, and don't slip or fog. They come in all colors and even have themes like National Parks, Batman, and the Rolling Stones. Plus, they are only $25. We recommend having multiple pairs and love them for all things active outdoors — spring skiing, running, biking, tennis, golf, and more.


A Belt For The Mountains

3. Arcade Belt: The Arcade Belt is perfect for Dad's hiking or ski pants. The elastic doesn't stretch out and the clip will keep his belt size precise all year round. Developed by Cody Townsend specifically for mountain-based adventures, they are a breeze to use. This belt will never let Dad – or his pants – down.

Protect Your Head

4. ciele athletics Running Hat. Our new, go to, running hat. ciele atheletics running hats have a clean, modern design and are lightweight, comfortable, and moisture-wicking. The brim is pre-curved for style and comfort. He won't run to leave for a run without it.

5. Smith Session Helmet for Road or Mountain Biking. Remember, for more advanced skiers, a functioning helmet can be even more important than the skis themselves! Stand out on the trail or road with these colorful versions of Smith’s bestselling bike helmets. Try the Trace or the Network for the Road, or the Session or Forefront 2 for mountain biking. All of these helmets will keep the air flowing and have MIPS® protection.


Stay Hydrated

6. Nathan QuickSqueeze Water Bottle. Ingeniously designed, the insulated Nathan QuickSqueeze will help dad stay hydrated during all of his outdoor activities. The attached strap is comfortable and easy to wear and use. It even includes a strap for keys and credit cards so that Dad can access both his home and his credit cards in case you need to borrow them! Sure to make Dad's adventuring easier.


Summer Hangout Gear

7. Hydroflask Day Escape Pack. The Hydroflask 20 Liter Day Escape Pack is the perfect hands-free alternative to help Dad haul the gang's lunch and drinks to the campsite. He will love this new backpack cooler that is portable for various occasions, such as skiing, kayaking, and hiking. Hydration is the key to maintaining a good physical performance physically for skiing, but it also acts as a rejuvenating ingredient so that Dad may look 25 forever!

8. Outdoor Freestyle Portable Rocker. Lightweight but sturdy, the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker will be a staple in this summer's action. Easy-to-fold with padded armrests, a mesh bracket and beverage holder, this is great for any outdoor hang. Great for mountain excursions that need chairs like the Telluride Bluegrass festival and camping trips, these chains will it snugly in Dad's caping gear.


Treating the Feet Right

9. Hoka One One Speedgoat 5 Trail Running Shoe. For Dad's summer trail running, we recommend Hoka's latest high performance, maximum comfort shoe. The Speedgoat 5 has excellent traction and is constructed with a new lightweight foam midsole for protection from rocks and other trail impediments. The wider toe box is accommodating and is still shaped to provide ultimate warmth. The cushion helps reduce strain on tired, achy joints, giving Dad a break from the pain that comes with another year on the earth.


Stylish & Functional

10. Patagonia Baggies. The Patagonia Baggies are the classic choice for a go anywhere, do anything short that works just as well in a river as it does at the bar. Its water-resistant material and discreet coloring make them perfect for Dad to sport whenever he wants, for any occasion. With plenty of color and length options, grab Dad a few, the more snug the better!


11. Airshed Pro Pullover. Whether Dad likes trail running, mountain biking, or hiking with the family, this ultra-lightweight pullover is a must for summer adventuring. The Patagonia Airshed Pullover is also quick drying and packs down into the backneck, making it a go-to for any summer travel.


12. Kuhl Deceptor Pants. Treat dad to a pair of Kuhl Deceptor Pants. These are perfect for travel and the trail and are also best worn with warm, snuggly socks. These comfortable, quick drying and trim fitting pants work in any situation.


Upping Dad's Tech Game

13. Garmin Fitness Tracking. The Garmin Forerunner 645 can record all the details of your skiing or riding based on movement. Easily keep track of time on the mountain, distance traveled, maximum speed, average speed, and total vertical descent, including a visual record in the form of a map of your day. This watch is great all year round for running, hiking, biking, and more.


14. Ooni Pizza Oven. This classic grill set-up with this versatile pizza oven brings a little taste of Italy or New York City right into Dad's backyard. Ooni makes several models, but we like the multi-fuel Ooni Karu, offering a traditional wood/coal experience or a quick gas connection when the pizza can't wait.


Winter Gear at a Deep Discount

15. Flylow Warehouse Sale. Summer is one of the best times to shop for ski gear. The prior season's inventory is running low and suppliers are offering major discounts. Flylow, long a favorite of Avant Ski contributors, just announced their online warehouse sale with discounts of up to 65%.


All prices quoted were checked shortly before publication, but prices are subject to change and may not match what is found online. Readers should also make sure to check in-stock and delivery status.

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