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9 Reasons to Purchase a Multi-Resort Season Pass Now

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

If you don’t think you ski enough to justify a season pass, you are probably wrong. And if you think Covid-19 is causing too much uncertainty to justify having a pass, you're wrong again! It only takes a handful of days on the mountain to make a pass worthwhile and this year's new insurance programs eliminate any financial risk. We’ve had combinations of Epic and Ikon Passes for the last three seasons and have skied more days and more resorts while spending less than ever before. Here are 9 reasons to purchase a 2020-21 multi-resort season pass:

Expand your horizons, risk-free, with a multi-resort season pass

1. Season passes cost the same as about 4 lift tickets. The more you ski or ride, the more you save. If you are planning to ski at least 4 days this season, you will at least break even and probably come out ahead. For military members, college students and this season, nurses, the savings are even better. (Note, remote working could enable more skiing). The specifics can be complicated but check out our season pass recommendation tool we do all of the heavy lifting and recommend the best season pass based on your needs. We'll provide an overview of the benefits and a breakeven analysis for the number of days you plan to ski. 

2. It’s safer outside than inside. Always, but especially now, the great outdoors are the best place to spend time safely with family and friends. We are optimistic that resorts will take the appropriate safety measures to enable this trend to continue this winter. Check out our blog on what you might be able to expect at resorts this winter.

3. There’s a resort near you (in driving distance) that is part of a multi-resort season pass program. Resorts in every region of North America (and internationally) have now joined multi-resort season passes. Vail acquired Peak Resorts last year adding several resorts in the NYC metro area and Wyndham, NY is now part of the Ikon Pass. Check our regional guides for Chicago and Washington D.C. to find out where to use your pass locally. Join our mailing list to be the first to know when our New York, Boston and Bay Area guides drop.

4. Your friends will like you more and want to ski with you. Buddy passes offer real savings to friends who weren't savvy enough to get their own pass. If these are good friends, they will hopefully treat you to après or even dinner to show their appreciation. Ikon pass offers 8-10 buddy passes with 25% discounts for friends and Epic Pass offers 6 Ski With a Friend Tickets with 20-25% discounts to window rates. 

5. The savings don’t end with lift tickets. Pass holders receive additional discounts of up to 20% on food, lodging and lessons. New this season, Vail is offering Epic Mountain Rewards. Pass holders will receive 20% off of food and beverage, lodging, group ski & ride lessons, equipment rentals and more at all Vail resorts.

6. Buy a pass risk-free. Pass assurances and insurance coverage programs are flexible this year. We get it, there is tons of uncertainty and it's really hard to plan in advance right now, but season passes all have solid insurance programs. For all of the latest details in one place, see our Go-To Source for the Latest on Multi-Resort Season Passes here.

7. Take advantage of the late summer season in the mountains. For those of you that have taken up hiking and/or mountain biking, get your pass now to save on lifts for the rest of the summer/fall season.

Turns out the views are just as good during the summer

8. Priority reservations this season. Reservations will be required to ski this season. Epic Pass has already announced that priority reservations will be reserved for pass holders, and many mountains on the Ikon Pass have announced priority for

9. Follow the powder! Usually the best way to get the freshest snow is to buy at the window that morning. However, most major resorts charge a big premium for window tickets. Last season, Vail set a record with $219 day passes last season. And an extra bonus, never wait in line again!

Ski wherever the powder takes you!

Ready to buy your season pass? Be sure to check out our Season Pass Guide to find the perfect pass for you!


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