Park City Intermediate Guide

Day 1 Itinerary - Sun Peak, Saddleback, Tombstone, Peak 5 and Dreamscape


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Trails: Beginner, IntermediateExpert 

Overview – From Canyons Village: Orange Bubble Express – Saddleback Express – Tombstone Express - Lunch @ Tombstone or CloudDine – DreamScape – Peak 5 –  Return to Base

1. 9:00 AM – Heading up the Mountain and Warming Up on Sun Peak

From Canyons Village: To get skiing quickly, take the Organe Bubble Express and cut back directly under the lift on Echo. This gentle cruiser is generally not crowded and makes for a nice warm up. It merges into the bottom of Eclipse which runs to the base of Sun Peak Express. Take this lift and have a lap or two on Eclipse - its groomed regularly. When you have warmed up, exit Sun Peak Express to the left and take Main Line to the bottom of the Saddleback Express.


From Park City Base: Take Crescent Express, cruise down 1/2 Load to Claimjumper to reach the Quicksilver Gondola. Take the Gondola all the way. Then follow Chrome Alley to Mercury. This will leave you at the Timberline Lift. Take Timberline directly to Tombstone Express

** Consider driving or taking the shuttle from Park City Base to Canyons Village, as it can take around an hour to take this route **

2. 10:00 - 11 AM – Saddlebrook 

Saddlebrook offers intermediate terrain on either side of the center ridge, about 8 runs in total. Exit the Saddlebrook Express to the left and start exploring with Snow Dancer - plenty wide and lined by tree on both sides. Head back up and exit to the right, take your time exploring Painted Horse, Pine Draw and Tunnel of Fun - stay on one at a time or weave between the them and have fun navigating in and out of trees on Pine Draw  When you have had enough here, stay right when you reach the bottom of Saddlebrook and link into Chicane

3. 11 AM – 1 PM  – Tombstone / Peak 5

Chicane is a cruiser, newly widened, with a gentle pitch that will take you directly to the bottom of Tombstone Express. Just watch out, as its a main connection point for this side of the resort and can be crowded. Exit Tombstone Express to the left and head down Another World. This beautiful terrain is scattered with Aspens. Follow Another World all the way back to the bottom of Tombstone Express or make your way through a maze of fun, narrow trails in the glades, all eventually converging back at the base of Tombstone Express .

For an even longer run, follow Another World into RipSaw to the bottom of Peak 5 Lift. From the top of Peak 5, exit left and follow Upper Crowning Glory which leads into a labyrinth of blue trails in the glades. Similar to the runs from Tombstone Express, but even longer and with more selection - Upper, Middle and Lower Crowning Glory, Serenity, Harmony

4. 1 PM / 1:30 PM – Lunch at Tombstone or Cloud Dine (see more on lunch options)

On a blue sky day, we recommend barbque lunch at Tombstone at the base of the Tombstone Express. You will likely see people hanging out at the "beach" outside.

If barbeque is not for you and you can hold out a little longerCloud Dine is our top pick for on-mountain dining. To acces, take the Peak 5 Lift and follow Upper Harmony to the bottom of DreamScape - Cloud Dine is at the top.

5. 1:45 PM – 3:15PM – Explore Bowl Line Areas DreamScape and DayBreak 

From Cloud Dine, you are already here. From Tombstone, head back up Tombstone Express, to Peak 5  and take Upper Harmony to DreamScape Lift. We love this area of the mountain after lunch. Some of the best snow at Park City is here. From Cloud Dine, Head down Alpenglow, though groomed sometimes, the snow is soft and usually well travelled so you can find soft bumps that are not too steep to weave around.

Not to worry if bumps are not for you, there are seemingly endless blue runs in this bowl like area. Exit DreamScape right and make your way along Panorama, drop into the McDonalds Meadow or continue along to Snow Meadow. There is so much intermediate terrain to explore here, you could easily spend the entire day. Also consider a few runs on neighboring Day Break, this entire peak is intermediate friendly. 


6. 3:15PM – 4PM – Cruising Back to the Canyons Village Base

Be prepared to take a minimum of three lifts to return to the Canyons Village Base. From the base of DreamScape, follow Harmony to return to the base of Tombstone Express. Then take Red Pine Road (a flat traverse) which ends at Red Pine Lodge. From here, there is no shame in taking the Red Pine Gondola to return to the base. Looking for a little more, take the Shortcut Lift where you can take Doc's Run all the way to the bottom. 

To return to the Park City Base, from the top of DreamScape, follow Trance or Sandman to the Flatiron Lift (this double is slow). Then take the QuickSilver Gondola all the way to the Park City side and then take the SilverLode Express. From this peak, there are many routes to the base, for a gentle, scenic cruiser, you can follow Home Run all way. 

Congratulations – you’ve explored so much of the Canyons Side - Time for Après Ski!



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