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Mammoth Intermediate Itinerary

Canyon Lodge, The Mill, Eagle Lodge, Main Lodge & The Outpost
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From Canyon Lodge – The Mill – Eagle Lodge – Main Lodge – Lunch @McCoy Station – Summit & The Outpost
– Return to Canyon

1. 8:30 AM – Warming up on Canyon and Heading to The Mill

Canyon Lodge, located near the Village, is convenient for starting off. Head up the Canyon Express and take a nice, warm up groomer on Downhill or Crosswalk. Hop back on Canyon Express and take another quick cruiser down Rollercoaster and grab Chair 4 (Rollercoaster Express). This lift offers more playful terrain with scattered trees and glades. Head back up Rollercoaster Express and head towards the gulley of Lower Dry Creek, a great opportunity to test out some ungroomed terrain.

From here, head straight down to the MILL BASE AREA. The MILL BASE AREA has two efficient express chairs with service to highly varied intermediate terrain. Have a few laps between these two chairs. When you've had your fill, it's time to check out the EAGLE LODGE AREA.

Mammoth Intermediate 1-2.jpg

Fresh Corduroy Tracks on Broadway

2. 10:30 AM – Finding Powder Stashes from Eagle Lodge

From The MILL BASE AREA, hop on Gold Rush Express. At the top, stay to skier's right and follow signs for Eagle Base Area. When the snow is fresh, this eastern portion of the mountain can have some of the best stashes of powder. If this is the case, you are going to want to traverse over to the glades of Cloud 9 Express and Chair 25. If you are feeling up to it, Ricochet offers some black level bowl skiing off of the Cloud 9 Express.


The Eagle Express Chair is also another option if you want to stick to some more relaxed skiing. Bridges is a nice blue run and it's rarely crowded. Once your glade fix is filled, and your legs are burning, take a mellow winding run down Easy Rider (accessed via Chair 25).


Now back at the MILL BASE AREA, take a quick break, or grab some water if needed.

3. 11:30 AM - 1PM – Challenge yourself in the Main Lodge Area

From the MILL BASE AREA, take Stump Alley Express and follow Broadway's wide boulevard for some nice groomer turns. If you feel like stepping it up a bit, Agee's Run and Blue Ox offer some great off-piste, black terrain. Head up Broadway Express to reach Chair 23, and get ready for a real burner.

Take Upper Road Runner, which offers jaw-dropping views of the Minarets and connect to White Bark Ridge which leads to Chair 12. Be advised, although Lower Lower Road Runner is designated blue, it's quite narrow and with elevation above 11,000 feet, conditions can change rapidly.


Take a run or two through the glades of Chair 12 then head east, back to the MAIN LODGE BASE AREA. By now, your stomach is probably growling. Hop on the Lower Panorama Gondola to reach McCoy Station.


Roadrunner with stunning views

Mammoth Intermediate 3-5.jpg
Mammoth Intermediate 3c & 6a.jpg

4. 1 - 1:45 PM – Lunch at McCoy Station (see more on lunch options in our mountain guide)

McCoy Station has a good variety of food options and is well situated mid-mountain for the second half of the day.

5. 1:45 - 2 PM – Warm up again on Center Bowl

After lunch at McCoy Station, hop on Chair 3 for a post lunch warm up down Center Bowl. From here, it's easy to board the Panoramic Gondola and head to the SUMMIT.

6a. (Option 1) 2 - 3 PM  – The Summit and the Backside

From the SUMMIT, cruise down the ridge and jump onto Reds Lake Run and merge onto Santiago. For a challenge, continue down Reds until you reach Santiago Bowl. Both options lead to The Outpost, where you can choose to explore the backside of the mountain via Chairs 13 and 14.

When you are ready to return to the front of the mountain, there are many choices depending on your comfort level. For steeper terrain, drop from Chair 14 into the wide open bowl of Scotty's. Otherwise ride up Chair 13 and choose amongst several blue runs, all leading to the Chair 12 zone. Follow Lower Road Runner to the MAIN LODGE AREA.

Gremlin's Gulch on the left. St. Anton o

   Merging of Gremlin's Gulch (left) & St Anton (right)

Mammoth Intermediate 6b & 7.jpg

6b. (Option 2) 2 - 3 PM  – Chair 3/Face Lift to Gremlin's Gulch

For some late afternoon sun, take Chair 3/Face Lift Express. When you get off the lift, ski to the end of the ridge and then go right; a short run will get you to the base of Climax; you’ll be facing the SUMMIT. Turn right onto St. Anton. Bear right onto Saddle Bowl, then make a left into Gremlin’s Gulch for some fun banked turns that have been in the sun all day. Gremlin’s Gulch merges with St. Anton, which takes you back to MAIN LODGE


At the base, take Panoramic Gondola and get off at McCoy Station. Then take Chair 3/Face Lift again, go right again, but instead of taking a left at the base of Climax, take a right into Dry Creek. Weave your way through the gully and trees to the base of Chair 5. Continue past Chair 5 and into Lower Dry Creek. There are lots of little jumps throughout Lower Dry Creek, making it a great run for kids. Lower Dry Creek ends up at MILL STATION.

7. 3 PM - 4 PM – Return to Canyon Lodge Base Area

Now that the day is coming to an end, it is time to make our way back to where we began – CANYON BASE AREA. (Note: A free shuttle service is also offered from all base areas if you are getting tired.) Take the Broadway Express and make your way skier's right towards Stump Alley. Ride Gold Rush Express from the MILL BASE AREA. Embark on one final cruiser down Solitude and keeping right towards CANYON LODGE.

Great Job - you have tackled a huge portion of Mammoth Mountain's extremely diverse terrain. Time for après; head to the Village for Happy Hour at 53 Kitchen or see our guide for more options.


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