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Killington offers plenty for those starting out. Snowshed Mt. is dedicated to Beginners and novices can test their skills on it's wide, manageable trails. Beginner lessons have access to the Terrain Based Learning course and by the end, even never-evers will be guided down a real trail with the help of the snow features (banked turns, little rolls etc.). When feeling confident, make your way to Ram's Head Mountain (the Family Center is also here) for an assortment of Green and Blue trails.


Intermediates are sure to have a blast. Snowdon Mountain and Killington Peak are the best Intermediate areas, though Blues are about a third of the terrain and available from all of Killington's peaks. Well-groomed Blacks are also abundant if you want something steeper. Try to avoid long lines at the K-1 Gondola by taking the South Ridge or Canyon Quads. Head down Skye Lark to Bittersweet for a look at the famous World Cup run shredded by international competitors and locals.


Bear Mountain offers some of the best Double Black skiing in the East; home to Killington's finest gladed runs and moguls. Wait times on the Bear Mountain Quad are not bad and conditions are excellent as all of the trails have snow making. We also like the steep double blacks on Killington Peak - Double Dipper and Cascade - take the Canyon Quad lift to avoid lines. Or on a powder day look into Royal Flush or Low Rider off of the Snowden Quad for some awesome tree skiing.

  • Peaks are largely separated by skill level, making it difficult for skiers and riders of differing abilities to stay together

  • The silver lining of separating areas by skill level is that beginners do not have to worry about experts flying by and expert do not have to actively avoid slower skiers

Top Trail Picks

Trail Name
Area / Getting There

Starting Out


From the magic carpet you can use the tail end of the Yodeller run. This is a perfect first day spot

The magic carpet is walking distance from the Snowshed Lodge


Easy Street (Area)

This area can help with the transition to more challenging terrain; Easy Street feeds into different trails like Treezy, for those who want to try glades, and Timberline, a terrain park for novices

Take the Ramshead Express; exit to the right and wind back under the lift

Scenic Cruiser


Beautiful, isolated trail, cutting through the dense forest on the far left side of Killington Peak

Exit K-1 Express to the left; take Blue Heaven and look for Solitude on the right


Bunny Buster

A wide cruising run off of the new Snowden Bubble Lift; you will leave with happy legs and a groomer ripping smile

From the K-1 Base, head down Great Northern until you see the Snowden 6- Pack. Jump off the top and look left



A good challenge, this is one of the steepest Blues at the resort; fewer crowds and snow-making make for  great conditions

Directly under the North Ridge Quad

Terrain Park

Dream Maker / The Stash

The biggest terrain park at Killington; this Dew Tour Event location has more than 65 natural features, an 18 foot pipe, and an assortment of rails

Exit Skye Peak Express slightly to the right and take Dream Maker Headwall; For more park time, take a left after the lift for the Stash; then take the Snowshed crossover to Dream Maker

Showing Off


The epitome of Killington skiing; the Women's Alpine World Cup hosts events here; it's 4,800 feet long with a 1,200 foot vertical

Directly under the Superstar Express

Steep & Deep


If it's deep, you need steep and this is the one of the steepest fall lines in the east. Get there early and you can lap it off of the Superstar Quad

Exit Superstar right, follow the cat track briefly, then follow the Ovation signs. Catch your friends at the bottom, no friends on a powder day!


Low Rider

This is our go-to spot for windy days. Due to the mountain's shape, this trail gets tons of fresh snow

Exit Snowdon Six Express right and make your way through the trees

Fresh Powder


Tends to have some of the best conditions on the mountain; ample snowfall and snow-making combine, enabling smooth, pinpoint turns

Exit North Ridge Quad to the right


Double Dipper / Big Dipper 

The Dippers are great for those looking for speed; Double Dipper is a straight shot under the lift; Big Dipper has a similar pitch with glades to navigate

Directly under the Canyon Quad; or stay right and duck into the trees for Big Dipper; the Canyon Quad almost exclusively services this terrain 

Bumps (Advanced)

Outer Limits

Considered the longest, steepest mogul run in the East; lap this until your technique is perfect and your legs are numb

Directly under the Bear Mountain Quad; the bumps are softer when it's warmer

On Mountain Dining Recommendations

Killington has 11 different on mountain dining options. Most of the mountains have a Base Lodge with standard cafeteria fare. The K-1 (under construction), Snowshed, Bear, Skyeship, and Ram's Head lodges are all fine for a quick bite. For a more relaxing meal and break, our top picks are below:

Peak Lodge

Dining at 4,241 feet. The Lodge is known for its farm-fresh food and specials, which include in-house carvery, marinated sirloins, and artisan pasta dishes. There are also a variety of vegetarian options. On crowded weekends, dine at off times to avoid the crowds.

Image by Jason Leung

Ledgewood Yurt

Escape the crowds for a peaceful, fireside lunch (open 11am - 2pm only). Tucked in the woods, The Yurt is easily accessible from the Northbrook Trail. Enjoy an array of smoked meats along with the signature braised short rib. There are also soups, salads and seafood. This hidden gem is a go-to destination for Killington's regulars.



Slide into a comfy pair of plush slippers and enjoy a refined meal, while valets take your boots to be warmed and dried. Here you will find artisan dishes designed around Vermont culinary staples. The Chef selection's portion of the menu is packed with regional cheeses, meats, and even noodles.

Ham, Salami and Cheese Board
Size / Elevation
  • Peak: 4,229 ft | 1,289m

  • Vertical Drop: 3,050 ft | 930m

  • Base: 1,165 ft | 355m

  • Total Area: 1,509 acres | 6.1 sq km

Terrain Overview

​Mountain Range: Green

  • 121 Trails   

  • 3 Bowls

  • 9 Terrain Parks

  • 7 Peaks (including Pico)

Highest Peaks: 

  • Killington (4,229 ft)

  • Pico: (3,967 ft)

  • Skye: (3,800 ft)

  • Bear Mountain Lodge

  • K-1 Lodge

  • Ramshead Lodge

  • Snowshed Lodge

  • Skyeship Lodge

On Mountain Dining

Lift Stats

Uphill Capacity: 37,535 ppl / hr

21 Total Lifts

  • 2 Gondolas

  • 5 Express Quads

  • 4 Quads

  • 3 Triples

  • 1 Double

  • 6 Surface Lifts

  • 3 Minimum lift to access peak from base

Terrain Mix 

Killington Stats


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