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Keystone Intermediate Itinerary

Dercum Mountain, North Peak and The Outback
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From River Run Village – Dercum Mountain - Montezuma Express – North Peak – Lunch @Outpost or Labonte's – Outback Lift – Outback – Dercum Mountain – Return to River Run Village

1. 8:30 AM – Warming up on DERCUM MOUNTAIN

From RIVER RUN VILLAGE, take the River Run Gondola or Summit Express to reach the top of DERCUM MOUNTAIN. From here, there are several options to get your legs going. We like to exit to the left and head down Spring Dipper for a pleasant groomer. Catch Montezuma Express about three-quarters of the way down (to avoid the base area) and return to the summit. This time, push right and take Schoolmarm to Paymaster for another rolling groomer with great pitches.


Head down to Montezuma again. On the way up the lift, sneak a peak at the bumps on Bachelor, directly underneath. If you're not ready for that many bumps yet, Jackface, of off Spring Dipper, for a good alternative. This quick run has a nice pitch with small bumps and drops into Jackwhacker, a deceptively named, wide open groomer. Take your pick, any of these runs are sure to prepare you for NORTH PEAK.

2. 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM – NORTH PEAK - Some Steeper Groomers and Bumps

When ready for a new challenge, drop off of the backside of DERCUM from the summit area onto Diamondback or Mozart. Diamondback is one of the steepest groomers on the mountain, but tends to ski best around this time of day. Take care to monitor your speed on the way down; it's a steep trail! For a more mellow run down to NORTH PEAK, drop into Mozart and enjoy the wide open rolling terrain.


Once you reach the bottom, head up the Santiago Express and push left for a run down Prospector or Last Alamo, both of which will be groomed and tons of fun. For a steep, wide-open groomed run with amazing views, head down Starfire from the top of Santiago. If you are feeling more adventurous, Bullet is a nice bump run that you will find on the skiers right midway down Starfire. Hug the skiers left side on Bullet for some of the best bumps on the mountain.

3. 12:30 PM – 1:15 PM  – Lunch at Labonte's or The Outpost

For outdoor seating and mouth-watering BBQ, head down to the base of NORTH PEAK, where the Santiago and Ruby Lifts converge, to Labonte's Smokehouse BBQ.


For a wider variety of cafeteria style food options, take the Santiago Express and exit left to get to The Outpost.

4. 1:15 PM – 2:45 PM – Head to THE OUTBACK for Fresh Snow and Glades

After lunch, drop down Anticipation for a groomer that leads you to the Outback Express. From the top, head down directly under the lift, but keep an eye out for Bighorn on the skiers left. Bighorn is less trafficked and has better, consistent snow quality than adjacent Elk Run. Elk Run runs directly underneath the Outback Express and tends to attracts crowds that spy it on the way up.


After a nice run down either (or both!) check out Wolverine or Pika Glades, both are accessible off of the skiers left along the same route down to Elk Run or Bighorn. Though designated black diamonds, these glades are perfect for intermediate skiers and riders; wide open and well spaced with plenty of room to move around. You can easily spend more than an hour lapping this area, finding new routes with fresh snow each time. 

5. 3:15PM – 4PM – Nice Groomer Laps on the Return to River Run Village

When you're ready to call it a day, start to make you way back towards DERCUM MOUNTAIN. From the base of THE OUTBACK, look for the Wayback Lift, which will take you back towards the main area. Exit the Wayback Lift to the left and take Starfire down to the Ruby Lift.


The Ruby Lift returns to the top of DERCUM MOUNTAIN. From here, you can drop down Flying Dutchman to Montezuma for late day groomer laps. Check out Frenchman as well for a mellow groomer that has a steep, fun pitch at the end. We also like Freda's/HooDoo, located at the midway point of Schoolmarm. These mellow groomers are often overlooked throughout the day, so the snow is almost assured to be nice, even at the end of the day.

6. 4PM – 8PM – Night Skiing on DERCUM MOUNTAIN

If night skiing is open, Spring Dipper and Silverspoon are the best runs open for intermediate skiers. Be sure to dress warm, and pack a low light lens for your goggles to ensure you can see while skiing.

Congratulations – you’ve explored Keystone's  best intermediate terrain. Head to Spoon café for some good value drinks in the Village or check out our Après Ski Guide for more options.  


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