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Brighton Intermediate Itinerary

Preston Peak, Clayton Peak and Mt. Millicent
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From Brighton Center – Majestic – Snake Creek Express – Clayton Peak – Lunch @ Milly Chalet – Mt. Millicent – Molly Greens – Night Skiing

1. 7:45AM – Brighton Center & Warming up on Majestic or Crest Express

If it’s a powder day or a weekend, pull up to the Brighton Center early to secure a parking spot and head inside to grab a coffee and sweet treat at the Blind Miner Café. If it's not a weekend, you can opt for a leisurely 9:00 AM start.

Around 9:00 AM, hop in line for either the Majestic or Crest Express Lifts. If you need a chance to warm up first, choose Majestic and make your way to Snake Creek Lift. From the top of Snake Creek Express, grab a lap on Sunshine, which is a fairly easy but lengthy green run. Starting near the top of Preston Peak, Sunshine is a sustained pitch that will get the blood pumping. If you’d rather just get going, ride up Crest Express and catch the longer Thunder Road to Snake Creek Base Area. Check out the rolling groomers, and scenic runs on Pioneer and Thunderhead. When you are ready to take it up a notch, locate Thor, a steeper straight shot that rockets through stands of pine trees.

Snowboarders, be sure to check out the Burton Store near Snake Creek Base, where you can demo the latest and greatest Burton Boards for just $20—not to be missed, as this is the only "Step On Demo Center" in the country.

2. 10:45AM-2:00PM – Great Western & Clayton Peak

**Note, if it’s a powder day and you’re keen to snag first chair, Great Western offers the best and steepest intermediate terrain for powder, so start your day here.**

From the bottom of the Snake Creek Lift, return to the Main Base via the bottom of Thor and veer to your skier's left to catch the Great Western Express Lift. As you ride up, check out the landscape below and identify any terrain you may want to explore.

Offload Great Western and turn right onto Western Trail. Pause to admire the incredible views and snap a few photos of Big Cottonwood’s scenery. Western Trail offers the most vertical at Brighton, so bang a few laps on this lift before you head in to refuel for lunch. Elk Park and Golden Needle are great blue runs to tick off to the left. You can also access Thunderhead and Thor via the Western Trail.

When you are ready for lunch, head to the Milly Chalet. To get there, ride the Crest Express from Brighton Center and catch the Pacific Highway to Snow Drift. From Snow Drift, locate the Last Maid trail to find the Milly Access run.

3. 12–12:45PM – Lunch at Milly Chalet (see more on lunch options)

Head in to the Milly Chalet for a quick and casual lunch. Enjoy burritos, BBQ, or a giant rack of ribs. Sip a beer or an iced tea while picking your next lines in Milly Bowl.

4. 12:45–3:30PM – Mt. Millicent: A Playground for Anyone with Skis or a Snowboard

The playful terrain in this wide open bowl is often what makes Brighton a favorite among locals. Scope lines as you ride the lift and make the call whether you want to venture into the bowl. Little Milly and Devil's Dip are black diamond runs appropriate for strong intermediates.

For those who prefer to stay on-piste, there are a handful of blue and green runs to the right. Mix and match these runs until your exploration of Mt. Millicent is complete. Perris Bowl, Easy Out, Main Street, Backdoor, and Backbone are all great options. The big rollers located near the bottom of the Milly Express are great fun!

5. 3:45–5:30PM – Après Fun at Molly Greens

Molly Green’s is a fantastic après stop for patrons 21 and up and it shouldn’t be skipped. Enjoy the rustic atmosphere complimented by fireplaces, stuffed moose and cozy corners. Molly’s has a full bar menu and legendary nachos. For a more diverse offering of après spots, head down the hill to Solitude. If you desire a menu with a bit less cheese, the Silver Fork Lodge has a tantalizing dinner menu with a slightly more formal yet intimate setting.

6. 5:30–7PM – Night Skiing

The lack of après options at Brighton doesn’t mean you’ll be bored. There’s plenty to keep  you busy with over 200 acres of night skiing available on the Explorer, Majestic and Crest Express chairlifts. Night riding is offered from 4-9 PM Monday through Saturday. Explore the groomers under the bright lights and warm up in either Molly Green’s or the Alpine Rose. This is especially fun on nights with a full moon or when a storm is rolling through.

Excellent work–you've knocked out nearly all the terrain available at Brighton Resort! If you crave a hot toddy or a cold beer after night riding, head in to Molly Green's for one last round.


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