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Breckenridge Ski Resort Intermediate Itinerary

Peak 8, Peak 6, Horseshoe Bowl Views, Peak 9
Breckenridge Ski Resort Map Key
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Peak 8 Base – Rocky Mountain Superchair – Zendo Chair – Peak 6 – Kensho Chair – Horseshoe Bowl – Lunch at Sevens – Peak 9 – Mercury – Return to Peak 8 Base

1. 9am – Warming up on Peak 8 & The Rocky Mountain Superchair

Start your day at the Base of PEAK 8, centrally located and easy to reach from almost anywhere, including the BreckConnect Gondola. Ski school meets here too. Begin by heading up the Rocky Mountain Superchair. Head right off of the lift and stay on the traverse until you hit Northstar or continue on to the skier’s left to Claimjumper. Going further left takes you away from the crowds, but not to fear, from here, all lines return to the PEAK 8 Base, making it easy to warm up and get your bearings.  


When you’re feeling warm, take the Rocky Mountain Superchair, but this time, continue past Claimjumper to Wirepatch. Drop in and follow this trail to Independence Superchair to reach the Base of PEAK 7. The runs here are long, fun and flowy. Head right off of the lift so you can do a run down Angel's Rest and continue to the base Independence. This time, exit right and look out for Monte Cristo. Cruise down and pick up Zendo Chair

Breckenridge Ski Resort Intermediate Itinerary

Beautiful morning at Breckenridge.

2. 10am – Seek Freshies off of the Kensho Chair on Peak 6

Ready for action on PEAK 6. On a powder day or if the conditions are prime, this is THE place to be. Ride the Zendo Chair and exit right to take a short trail down to Kensho Superchair. The top of PEAK 6 has a European-style feel featuring wide open blue, intermediate terrain. It is easy to spend hours making fresh turns here. 


Start by making a right off the lift to make a few laps exploring Bliss, Euphoria and Deja Vu. For the freshest powder and fewest crowds, make a right off the lift (don't go too far right) but stay under the lift for a while and then head skiers left for the superwide, Elysian Fields. The Fields feed into Daydream and Nirvana, also excellent and relatively uncrowded. Enjoy this area!

3. 11:30am – Enjoy the Views from Horseshoe Bowl T-Bar & Finish the Morning With Groomers

Once you've had your fun in Kensho, continue past the lift to return to Independence Superchair. Ride this lift and exit left to follow Lower Forget-Me-Not. For a unique experience with a great view of Horseshoe Bowl, take the T-Bar up. Fear not, you don't have to take the black and double black diamonds to get down. Pika Trail, to the right off of the T-Bar is relatively mellow. 


From here, you can connect to Claimjumper to return to the base of Independence. Pioneer and Lincoln Meadows are great long runs to finish the morning. 

4. 1pm – Lunch @Sevens

When you are ready for lunch, Sevens is easily accessible from the base of Independence Superchair in the Grand Lodge. Enjoy outdoor seating and stunning views alongside some class resort fare to fuel up for the afternoon.

5. 1:45pm – Afternoon Cruisers on Peak 9

After lunch, make your way over to PEAK 9 for some afternoon fun. Head back up Independence, exit left and stay skier’s right for Lower Forget-Me-Not and continue on to Northstar. This will bring you back to the PEAK 8 BaseTake Colorado Superchair and make a left for 4 O'clock. Two-thirds of the way down, stay skier’s right for Crosscut which you bring to C-Chair. Take C-Chair and exit left for Columbia; then at the Lower American Traverse, head skier’s right to find the base of the Mercury Superchair


Mercury will take you to the Base of PEAK 9 with excellent views and more fun terrain. Little Burn, Briar RoseCashier, Country Boy, Bonanza are all fun cruises that converge at the base of Mercury. When you’ve had your fill, take Columbia into Lower Sundown until you hit the Peak 8 Super Connect. Take this to return to the base of PEAK 8

6. 3:15pm – Return to the Base of Peak 8

At the top of the Peak 8 SuperConnect you will see a sign for a familiar trail to the skier's left, Columbine. Take this traverse all the way to Northstar where you can drop in and return to where you started the day. If you have the energy, take a couple cool down laps off of 5-Chair. 5-Chair services green runs, exclusively. 

Breckenridge Ski Resort Intermediate Itinerary Resort Base

Return to the Base of Peak 8. 

Congrats! You just had an awesome day exploring the vast array of intermediate terrain at Breckenridge. Check out our Après Guide.


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