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Though Blackcomb is often regarded for its steepness, those just learning have plenty of area to practice - 15% of trails are marked Green. Find your legs at the Base on Yellow Brick Road. Then make your way up to the 7th Heaven Area. Aptly named, you will enjoy breathtaking views of Whistler and gentle, open slopes. Green Line is the longest trail here, it winds from the Peak for 7 miles all around the mountain and returns to the Base.



Blackcomb has a wonderful array of Blues (55% of terrain) ranging from easy to more challenging.  



While just over a third of Snowbird is marked Expert, there is seemingly no end of steep and deep terrain. Almost anywhere is fair game. The Tram enables laps on Silver Fox, one of the longest, steepest descents in North America. For more steeps, take Cirque Traverse past Lower Cirque to Barry Barry Steep. In fresh powder head to Mineral Basin, it gets steeper and deeper as you move away from center. For the most adventurous, access the backcontry through designated gates (and with avalanche gear).

  • Snowbird has three main areas - Peruvian Gulch, Gad Valley and Mineral Basin. It can be challenging for Intermediates and Experts to stay together.​

  • Let the powder and visibility determine which area is best any given day. Stay tuned while riding the lifts and look out for locals and guides - trail signs are limited.

Top Trail Picks

We have skied them all. Here are some of our favorites in each category.  
Trail Name
Area / Getting There

Starting Out

Trail Symbols_green circle.png

Yellow Brick Road

Dedicated area for novices; short with a gentle pitch, easy to access

Take the Magic Chair from the Base, or use the rope tow for bottom portion


Trail Symbols_green circle.png

Green Line

Larger area for starting out; try Alice Avenue for a longer run, kids will like Mini Miners camp

From Creekside; exit Baby Thunder Lift to your skier's left and follow Easy Street

Getting Steeper

Trail Symbols_green circle.png

Middle / Lower Emma

The steepness here is more like a Blue at most places; work your way up

Exit the Wilbere Lift and follow the traverse to the right


Trail Symbols_blue square.png


7 miles from Horstman Hut to the Base; wind around, see different areas, enjoy the views

Take the Tram and follow Chip's Access; or access directly from the top of the Peruvian Express

Warming Up

Trail Symbols_blue square.png


Longer run (when you combine Middle and Lower portions) with some steeper sections, generally groomed

Exit Gadzoom to the right and follow Field's Cutoff; or from the top of Gad 2, exit left for direc access

Scenic Cruiser

Trail Symbols_blue square.png

Road to Provo

Gaze directly into the Twin Peaks as you cruise around the outer edge of Hidden Peak and into the Gad Area

From Hidden Peak, stay to skier's far left; or exit Little Cloud directly to the right

Fresh Powder

Trail Symbols_blue square.png

Claim Jumper

This area, also the connection from Alta, is less traveled and the snow stays soft, make your own path between loosely space trees

Exit Baldy to the let and cut back underneath the chair

Getting Steeper

Trail Symbols_black diamond.png

Regulator Johnson

Named for Snowbird's founder, Ted Johnson, this memorable run has breathtaking views and plenty of pitch

To the skier's left from Hidden Peak; Directly under the Little Cloud Lift

Fresh Powder

Trail Symbols_black diamond.png

Mineral Basin (Chamonix Bowl  / White Diamonds)

Mineral Basin is the place to be with fresh snow and good visiblity; its gets steeper as you move away from cetner

From Hidden Peak, stay high and to the skier's left to reach Chamonix Bowl

For White Diamonds, follow Path to Paradise from Hidden Peak and drop in where it looks good


Trail Symbols_black diamond.png

Gadzooks to Tiger Tail

Trees on both sides are tightly spaced, weave through them all the way to Easy Street for a longer run

Exit Gad 2 to the right and stay left past the marked trail to find the best line through the glades

Super Burner

Trail Symbols_black diamond.png
Trail Symbols_black diamond.png

Silver Fox

Super steep from top to bottom (and one of the better marked trails)

From Hidden Peak, stay under the Tram and drop in on skier's right when you see a good line

Steep & Scary

Trail Symbols_black diamond.png
Trail Symbols_black diamond.png

Great Scott

The steepness here will make even the most seasoned pros pause for a second

Berry Berry Steep

Or try the steepness on the otherside on the Gad Valley side of the Cirque Ridge

From Hidden Peak, follow Cirque Traverse just past Silver Fox (its a good idea to scout conditions from the Tram)

Stay along Cirque Traverse and look out to skier's right (past Gad Chutes)


Trail Symbols_black diamond.png
Trail Symbols_black diamond.png

Gad Chutes

Narrow and steep with lots of trees to navigate

From Hidden Peak, take Regulator Johnson to Cirque Traverse and look out on your skier's right

On Mountain Dining Recommendations

All dining at Snowbird is convenient from the mountain. There are two restaurants on the mountain and many more at Snowbird Center or Creekside Base. For more options see our Alta Dining Guide. Our top picks are below:

The Summit Restaurant

It's hard to beat this location and its breathtaking views (indoors and on the patio). Following a $15mm renovation in 2015, the feel is modern and fresh. The food is elevated with a focus on healthy, organic ingredients. There is a large salad bar, artisanal pizzas, rotating soup choices and a rotisserie station. Only downside is the crowds, go early or late to avoid them.

Snowbird Summit.jpeg

Mid-Gad Restaurant

Snowbird's only mid-mountain dining option is very convenient and tends to be less crowded than the Summit. This is a great spot for a break, particularly when shredding the Gad Area. The menu is somewhat limited to burgers (of all varieties) and chili. The sundeck is nice on a bluebird day and there may even be some outdoor grilling. It's also easy to pop in for a snack. 



Ideal for re-fueling between laps on the Tram. Burgers, sandwiches, chili and snacks are all available and made relatively quickly. Grab some food and head back up the tram, or have a seat and relax on the outdoor deck for a bit. 

Snowbird - on mountain dining
Size / Elevation
  • Peak: 11,000ft | 3,353m

  • Vertical Drop: 3,240 ft

  • Main Base: 8,110ft | 2,472m 

  • Total Area: 2,500 acres |
    (10.1 sq km)

Terrain Overview

​Mountain Range: Wasatch

  • 171 Trails   

  • Much of Snowbird is above the treeline creating bowl like areas

  • Backcountry access from both peaks

  • Hidden Peak (11,000 ft)

  • Gad 2 (8,840 ft)

  • Snowbird Center (Main Base)

  • Creekside

  • Wilbere

On Mountain Dining

noun_Gondola_1544547 (1)-01.png
Lift Stats

Uphill Capacity: 69,939 ppl / hr

37 Total Lifts

  • 1   Aerial Tram (125 person)

  • 6   High speed Quads

  • 4   Doubles

  • 1   Minimum lift to access             peak from base (Tram)

Terrain Mix

Snowbird Stats

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