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Big Sky Intermediate Itinerary

Andesite Mountain, South Face, Powder Seeker, Moonlight Basin
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From Mountain Village -- Andesite Mt. -- South Face -- Lunch @ Mountain Village -- Powder Seeker -- Moonlight Basin -- Return to Mountain Village

1. 9-10:45am – Warming up on Andesite Mountain

*Intermediates can easily spend several days exploring Big Sky's expansive terrain. This itinerary can be broken up over a few days.


Start your day on Ramcharger. The wait is shorter than that on Swift Current and the heated seats are a morning treat. Exit left and ski Ambush back to Ramcharger. Take Ramcharger again and again exit left, this time stay along the ridge to ski Elk Park Ridge, a long steeper groomer that is sure to warm up your legs. Elk Ridge Park ends up at Thunder Wolf. Take Thunder Wolf, and exit to the left to enjoy the rhythmic rollers of Ponderosa. Ponderosa takes you to Southern Comfort Lift.


Exit Southern Comfort and do a u-turn to El Dorado for more rhythmic rollers. Mess around and end up in Fremont’s Forest off the right side of El Dorado. Fremont's Forest is a snake that winds through the trees and is best on warmer spring days. Head back up Southern Comfort. Exit to the right, then veer to the skier's left onto Safari, which is a cat track that will drop you off at Congo. At the bottom of Congo, there’s a cat track, ski over it into the glades of Congo Line. Congo Line ends at Pacifier, a runout back to MOUNTAIN VILLAGE.

Big Sky Ramcharger + Lone Peak.JPG

Views from the Ramcharger Lift

Ambush on Andesite Mountain.jpg

Ambush on Andesite Mountain

2. 10:45am-12:45pm – Expedition to the South Face for Bowls and Glades

A) Now that you’re warmed up, it's time to hit the SOUTH FACE to step up into some more advanced terrain: bowls and glades. Take Swift Current and exit left and ski the right side of Calamity Jane, looking out for Cow Flats, which should appear on the right after about 50 yards. Cow Flats is cat track to Shedhorn Lift.


B) Head up Shedhorn and exit left and onto the cat track to drop into the bowl that goes by the name Upper Sunlight. For a something a little more advanced, head to Dakota Lift. To get there, take the cat track called Mule Skinner that cuts across Upper Sunlight. To keep it more mellow, stick with Shedhorn. To get back to Shedhorn, continue down Upper Sunlight past Mule Skinner onto Sunlight, which becomes Hippy Highway, which takes you back to Shedhorn.


C) If you went over to Dakota, and you're ready to head back to Shedhorn, exit Dakota to the right, and ski Screaming Left until you reach the groomer called Sunlight. Take Sunlight to the bottom and turn left onto Hippy Highway, a runout, which goes to the bottom of Shedhorn.


D) Exit Shedhorn to the right, and ski Chicken Head Bowl. Chicken Head Bowl flattens out then rolls over into Pack Saddle Glades and Dude Park, which take you back to the base of Shedhorn. Consider another lap, or maybe it’s time for lunch at Shedhorn Grill.

Big Sky Intermediate South Face.jpg

3. 12:45pm – Lunch @Hungry Moose & Market Deli

If you're starving, Shedhorn Grill, which is visible from the lift, is fastest. Exit Shedhorn Lift to the left and take another left into the bowl (Upper Sunlight). At the bottom of the bowl, you’ll see two yurts and a deck. That’s your destination.

For more options, return to the MOUNTAIN VILLAGE by exiting Shedhorn Lift to the right onto Duck Walk. When you reach the top of Swift Current, go right onto Calamity Jane, which rolls its way to down to the MOUNTAIN VILLAGE where there are lots of options. Our favorites include: for the classic resort cafeteria, head to the recently renovated Vista Hall. Craving a burger and craft beer? Head to Montana Jack's. If you want a cocktail and a salad, then Westward Social is your spot. For a sandwich and snack, Hungry Moose Market & Deli has you covered.  

Big Sky Intermediate Bowl.jpg
The Bowl.jpg

The Bowl

4. 1:30-2:30pm – Open Bowls of Powder Seeker

Now it's time to head to Powder Seeker, on the front side, for some open bowl runs under LONE PEAK. To get back to the front side, ski down to Shedhorn. Take Shedhorn and exit to the right and take Duck Walk. When you reach the top of Swift Current, stay left and go above the lift to continue your traverse on Jay Walk. Go left when you see the bottom of Powder Seeker.


A) Take Powder Seeker and enjoy spectacular views of LONE MOUNTAIN. Exit left, and take Turkey Traverse into The Bowl. For an easier option, exit right and ski toward the Lone Peak Tram, then take a right into a large gully called Never Sweat. Both The Bowl and Never Sweat spit you out at Powder Seeker. Head up Powder Seeker and take Never Sweat again. It’s fun enough to do twice!


B) Next, it's back up Powder Seeker a third time. Exit right, and take Upper Morningstar, which steepens into Gun Mount. Catch BRT Road as it cuts across Gun Mount. BRT becomes SA Road, which takes you to the base of Iron Horse Lift and the MOONLIGHT BASIN AREA on the north side of the mountain.

5. 2:30-3:30pm – Exploring Moonlight Basin

MOONLIGHT BASIN, once a separate resort, is on the north side of LONE MOUNTAIN and best in the afternoon. To get to MOONLIGHT BASIN, exit Iron Horse to the right and get onto Elkhorn, a long rolling groomer that winds past houses, over bridges, and down to Six Shooter.


Six Shooter accesses mostly long groomers. If you want something steeper or maybe some moguls and glades, exit Six Shooter to the right, and go down to Lone Tree Lift. Take a peak at the open bowl directly under the lift on the way up and if it looks good, give it a try.  One of our favorite runs on the mountain is Horseshoe, also accessible from Lone Tree. To access Horseshoe, exit Lone Tree straight ahead. It's one of Big Sky’s epically long groomers that winds along northern edge of the resort with spectacular views of the Spanish Peaks.

6. 3:30pm – Return to Mountain Village

To return to the MOUNTAIN VILLAGE, take Six Shooter. (Almost all of the runs in MOONLIGHT BASIN funnel back to Six Shooter.) Take Six Shooter, and exit left, and take Fast Lane to Lower Morningstar to Chet’s Knob. Chet’s Knob ends up back at the MOUNTAIN VILLAGE. When in doubt, follow the signs that say, "To Mountain Village". They're everywhere.

It might seem like you've been to the far side of the moon and back, but that's just a typical day at Big Sky. You definitely earned your après. Enjoy.

Visit our après guide here.



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