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Images courtesy of Beaver Creek

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Beaver Creek Intermediate Itinerary

Beaver Creek Mountain, Larkspur Bowl, McCoy Park, Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead
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Main Base – Centennial Express – Cinch – Larkspur Bowl – McCoy Park – Bachelor Gulch – Arrowhead –  Lunch at Broken Arrow– Golden Eagle – Red Buffalo – Return to Main Base

1. 9am – Warming up on Centennial, Cinch & Red Buffalo

Start by taking Centennial from the Main Base. Ride this lift all the way up and make a left for a short traverse over to Cinch Express. Take a couple of mellow warm up laps here, trying Centennial, Solitude and Upper Golden Eagle. When you're feeling ready to go, make your way back to the base. Hop on Centennial again; this time exit left to access green and blue trails including Dally/CinchLatigo and Gold Dust. Take a few laps here and then move on up the mountain as crowds start to congregate by the Main Base and Centennial Lift

Head up Cinch to the peak of Beaver Creek and enjoy majestic views from more than 11,000 feet. There are plenty more great runs to ease into the day from this peak. Now it's time to make your way over to the Red Buffalo Express. Exit left for Jack Rabbit Alley for some open tree skiing. More confident intermediates can enjoy full laps by taking anything from Red Buffalo to Sheephorn and then intersecting with C Prime and Stone Creek Meadows to the base of the Rose Bowl Express.


Warm up with some fresh corduroy.

2. 10am – Exploring the Larkspur Bowl

Head up Rose Bowl Express to make your way over to LARKSPUR. If you enjoyed Sheephorn, take it again, but this time, follow Latigo to Dally to cut across to Larkspur. For a more mellow ride, exit Rose Bowl left and follow Cinch, which also intersects with Latigo to Dally. Dally runs to the base of the Larkspur Express.  Head right off of the lift to enjoy Primrose which offers striking views of the LARKSPUR BOWL before connecting with the Beaver Creek Mountain Expressway to return to the base of Larkspur. For another lap, try Larkspur, in the heart of the bowl and directly under the lift. 

3. 11am – McCoy Park

From the top of Larkspur it is easy to drop into Beaver Creek's newest addition, McCOY PARK. Follow Primrose and stay right to connect into Freedom or Endeavor to reach McCOY PARK. [If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, stop by Candy Cabin for a mid-morning snack]. Take a few laps on the McCoy Park Express to explore this area. Here, you will find 250 acres of natural, groomable glades in a peaceful, bowl setting. 


Natural terrain in McCoy Park. McCoy Park opened for the 2021-22 season.

4. 12pm – Escape the Crowds in Bachelor Gulch & Arrowhead

Have a few laps off of the Bachelor Gulch Express. There are plenty of green and blue trails with great views winding through trees and massive slope side homes. 


From here, it is fun to experience a different side of Beaver Creek, ARROWHEAD. This area is typically far less crowded and has open tree runs that are fun for all ages and ability levels. Exit Bachelor Gulch right and follow Cabin Fever into Stirrup and then to Little Brave. This makes for a long, windy run to the base of Arrow Bahn. Have a few laps, all of the trails here lead back to the base of this lift. 

5. 1pm – Lunch @Broken Arrow

When you're ready for lunch, return to the base of the Arrow Bahn to reach Broken Arrow. Here you will find a large, sunny deck and a cozy dining room with full service offering standard ski fare including deli sandwiches and salads. The grill also offers burgers, hot dogs, wings, pizza and fries. If you're in a rush, Blinky’s outside grill has an express lane for grab & go items and drinks. 

6. 1:45pm – The Top of the Downhill

After lunch, it's time to make your way back across the mountain with a few fun stops along the way. It is a bit of a trek to return to the Birds of Prey Express. Take Arrow Bahn and exit left for Stirrup all the way down to Bachelor Gulch Express. At the top of this lift, head left on Intertwine,  a long trail that will bring you all the way to Strawberry Park Express. Ride this and exit left for the Beaver Creek Expressway to reach Birds of Prey.

Once on Birds of Preymake sure to look to the right on the way up to enjoy the views of Golden Eagle, the World Cup Trail, where the best skiers in the world compete annually. Feeling inspired? Well, now you can try the start of the Downhill Course. Head left off of Birds of Prey to catch Solitude which connects into Upper Sheephorn and then back to Cinch which will take you down to the Cinch Express lift. Ride Cinch again and this time exit right to ski Upper Golden Eagle, which is the start of the Downhill course. Be sure to stay skiers right to link back up with Solitude to return to the base of Red Buffalo

7. 3pm – Red Buffalo & Return to Beaver Creek Base

Exit Red Buffalo to the right for the fun and easy terrain park "Park 101" which is one of our favorites for the kids. Finish off the day with a few more laps off of Red Buffalo. Don’t miss Slanderous Sam's, a wooded kids adventure zone, great for all ages. From Red Buffalo, it's easy to return to the MAIN BASE

Congrats! You just had an awesome day charging through some of the best intermediate terrain at Beaver Creek. Be sure to check out our Après guide.


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