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Aspen Intermediate Itinerary

Gent's Ridge, Shadow Mountain, Ruthie's, Bell Mountain, Ajax Express 
Aspen Intermediate Itinerary Map Key
Aspen Mountain Intermediate Itinerary.jpg


From Gondola Plaza -- Gent's Ridge -- Shadow Mountain -- Ruthie's -- Lunch at the Sundeck -- Bell Mountain -- Ajax Express -- Return to Gondola Plaza

1. 9-9:45am – Top of the Morning, Top of the Mountain

From GONDOLA PLAZA, the Silver Queen Gondola will whisk you 3,267 feet to the summit of Aspen Mountain. Exit and take a moment with the view of Castle and Hayden Peaks.


To warm up, take Copper,  a groomer that runs under the Gent’s Ridge lift. After a while, Copper merges with Lazy Boy and lets out at the bottom of Gent’s Ridge. Head up Gent’s and exit left for another lap. This time take 1&2 Leaf, a narrow groomer that winds down under the lift. Take a right on Lazy Boy to return to Gent’s Ridge.


Take as many laps as you need on Gent’s Ridge. When you’re warm, it’s time for a leg burner all the way down to the base.

2. 9:45-10:15am – The Plummet from the Summit

For your top to bottom run, exit Gent’s Ridge left onto 1&2 Leaf; follow this to Northstar, a steep groomer. Northstar merges with Copper Bowl. Follow Copper Bowl past Gent’s Ridge lift until it merges with Spar Gulch. Spar Gulch is Aspen Mountain’s main thoroughfare. It runs down the center of the mountain from almost the summit to almost the base. You’re going to see a lot of Spar Gulch today.


Spar Gulch flattens and narrows into a cat track called Kleenex Corner. Carry some speed into Kleenex Corner, which opens onto Upper Little Nell, take a right here and make your way to the base.

3. 10:15am - 12pm – Late Morning Moguls

It’s time for some moguls and a gully. At the base, keep left for the Little Nell lift, a 4-pack that tends not to have a wait. Exit Little Nell left and curl around the lift to stay on the left side of Upper Little Nell. Then take a left into Schuss Gully to get to the base of Shadow Mountain lift


Take a few laps on Shadow Mountain. First, go right to follow Lower Roch to a cat track called Magnifico Road. Follow the cat track until you can dive off to the left to the moguls of Magnifico. For the next lap, follow Magnifico Road into Corkscrew Gully, a narrow natural halfpipe through the trees. Take Tower Ten Road, to E 5th Ave to return to Shadow Mountain.


Next, exit Shadow Mountain right and take the cat track to Ruthie's lift. On clear days, you can see Aspen Highlands and Highlands Bowl while riding Ruthie's.


Ruthie's accesses the west side of Aspen Mountain and is home to one of our favorite groomers, anywhere, Ruthie’s Run. This rolling groomer runs under the lift and is easy to lap. 


When you’re starting to get hungry, exit Ruthie's left and go right onto FIS Trail, a steep groomer that ends up in Spar Gulch. Follow Spar Gulch to the Silver Queen Gondola and take the gondola to the Sundeck for lunch.

4. 12 - 1pm – Lunch @ Sundeck

The Sundeck has spectacular views of some of Colorado’s tallest mountains. No need to rush lunch here, take at least an hour. We recommend the burger.

5. 1-2pm – Have a Ball on Bell

After lunch, step up into some bigger terrain on BELL MOUNTAIN. There are a couple ways to get from the Sundeck to the bottom of Bell Mountain lift. To keep it simple, stay left onto Dipsy Doodle, and link into Spar Gulch, which runs to the base of BELL via Kleenex Corner and Upper Little Nell


Warm up on the long run to the bottom of Bell Mountain lift, which is almost at the bottom of the mountain. Bell Mountain is a long 2-pack with a center bar. Old school. The lift runs parallel to Silver Queen Gondola and stops at the peak of BELL MOUNTAIN. Curl around the lift onto the ridge. Follow the ridge all the way past the gondola tower. Lookout for the jump at the top of Face of Bell. Ridge of Bell is the steepest slope on BELL MOUNTAIN. It has huge moguls that you get to take on right under the gondola. Our other favorites include the glades of the Face of Bell and and Bell Meadow. If you want tight trees or are looking for a some leftover powder, go right off the ridge into the narrow Keith Glen.


When you’re done with BELL MOUNTAIN, exit the lift straight ahead and glide onto Deer Park, which loops around to the bottom of Ajax Express.

6. 2-3:30pm – Ajax Expression

Ajax Express is a fast 4-pack that accesses the western half of the summit. Most runs from Ajax are shorter groomers that weave through trees. For moguls and fame, try Blazing Star under the lift. A favorite lap of ours is to ski under the lift, then take Cutoff, a cat track that goes from right to left and spits you out onto Buckhorn, a steep shot, down to flat Midway Road and eventually funnels to Spar Gulch.


Other favorites from Ajax Express include Dipsy Doodle and Silver Dip. Silver Dip is an easy groomer that gets good afternoon sun.

7. 3:30 – Last Lap

When you’re ready, take a final leg burner down Spar Gulch back to GONDOLA PLAZA

Congratulations you've earned your après. You almost can't leave without passing by Ajax Tavern. Stop and grab a drink on the sundeck or visit or après guide here for more great après/dining options. 


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