Stowe Mountain Guide – Top Trails, Itineraries & Dining

Experience Stowe like an insider. Find out where to ski with top trails and full day itineraries for intermediates and experts. We also show you where to eat on the mountain. Plus, check out the mountain stats.

Terrain Overviews


The original Stowe Mountain (the Mansfield side) is not well suited to beginners. Fortunately, in 2003, Stowe began developing the Spruce Peak area across the road. This newer area offers wide, friendly beginner runs and lots of space to learn and grow as a skier or rider. Runs like Easy Street or Meadows are ideal for starting out.


Once able to cruise blues, you'll be ready to explore most of Stowe. At 55% of the mountain, options abound. From the views off of the top of the gondola on Perry Merril to the mellow blues like Easy Run off of the Sunny Spruce Quad, you will be delighted. If you are feeling brave and want to glimpse the legendary expert terrain, head up the FourRunner Quad and look for trails like Lord and North Slope.


The most exciting runs at Stowe are undoubtedly accessed from the FourRunner Quad, trailing off the highest points of Mount Mansfield. Historic trails like Goat, Starr, National and Lookout are rarely groomed and have plenty of exciting pitch or interesting fall lines. A favorite is Upper National. Staring down the barrel of one of the steepest bump lines in the East will definitely get the adrenaline pumping!

  • It can be hard for skiers of varied abilities to stay together. Stowe has a rich history and there is a stark contrast between the mix of older, tighter, challenging runs on the Mansfield side with the more modern, manicured slopes at Spruce Peak

  • Beginners, beware. There are no green runs off of the peaks. Do not wander up top unless prepared for strong intermediate terrain

Top Trail Picks

Trail Name
Area / Getting There

Starting Out


Take your time working your way down this mellow green run

Spruce Peak; Exit the Adventure Triple to the right


Easy Street

Relax on this wide, friendly run and take your turns to the next level

Spruce Peak; Exit the Meadows Quad to the right

Warming up

West Slope

Upper West is a pleasant wandering blue run that opens into the wide,  friendly West Slope

Spruce Peak; Exit the Sunny Spruce Quad to the left for Upper West


Perry Merrill

Get your legs going with this top to bottom run; the views are fantastic as this run wanders around the corner and opens up into a wide but steeper blue

Mansfield Side; From the top of the main Gondola, exit left to Upper Perry Merrill

Bumps (Learning)

Lower Lookout

Often ungroomed, this blue bump run is the best place to cut your teeth and start deciphering mogul skiing

Mansfield Side; FourRunner Quad or Lookout Double; beware the Lookout approach is rated black but often groomed

Scenic Cruiser

Lorde Loop

Ski by the famous front four and enjoy the views on this scenic cruiser; for a greater challenge after, head down Hayride, a fun black diamond.

Mansfield Side; Exit the FourRunner Quad to the left


Toll Road

This 4.7 mile run starts out blue and eases into green as it zigs and zags around the border of the resort; the Lower Toll Road ends up at the Toll House Area near the nordic center

Mansfield Side; Exit the FourRunner Quad left and follow the signs


Lookout Glades

Perfect New England Glades; fairly tight but totally skiable, these steep trees are a perfect place to escape and enjoy a challenge

Mansfield Side; Exit the FourRunner Quad left and follow Lord Loop to Upper Starr, lookout on the left; glades are in between Starr and Lookout

Bumps (Advanced)


This is what you come to Stowe for! Steep, unforgiving moguls; when the skiing is good, this is the place to be

Mansfield Side; Exit the FourRunner Quad left and follow Lord Loop


Goat Chutes

This is one you will never forget! Barely a ski length wide in places, it heads down the fall line at obscure angles;  Watch out for a tree branches and keep the speed down!

Mansfield Side; Exit the FourRunner Quad to the right

Fresh Powder

Bypass to Nosedive Glades

This gladed run is out the way, perfect for finding a few fresh turns after a storm 

Mansfield Side; Exit FourRunner Quad to the right take the meandering cat track past Nosedive and look into the woods on the left

On Mountain Dining Recommendations

Stowe offers a range of cafeteria style and sit-down dining options on the mountain. With venues designed to showcase some of the most stunning alpine views in the East, you can expect vistas and menus that don't disappoint. This unique mix of old world and modern eateries reflect Stowe's history and charm. Our top on mountain picks are below:

Cliff House

Soak in the breathtaking views from this summit restaurant. Stowe’s Austrian roots shine in this chalet environment with floor to ceiling windows. Operations here are weather dependent, so it's best to come on a clear day. The menu reflects the alpine theme with fondue, cheese and charcuterie boards and a selection of salads and sandwiches.


Spruce Camp

This beautiful, newer lodge has options to please all tastes. With soaring ceiling and wood beams, the space is beautiful and expansive. All of the ski lodge classics are on offer - burgers, fries and soups, with a few unexpected twists such as white chicken chili or noodle bowls. A great place to get high quality food quickly and get back on the slopes.


Hourglass Lounge

Hourglass Lounge takes a more sophisticated approach to the lunch break. You may even want to consider a cocktail or glass of wine to accompany the creative pub fare. Savor a roasted beet salad if you’re looking for a lighter option, or go with the heartier steak sandwich with shaved ribeye and maple bourbon teriyaki sauce. For the ultimate in luxury, bee-line it for the fireside club chairs.

Chicken Sandwich

Octagon Cafe

More great views can be found from this down-to-earth lodge at the top of the Fourrunner Quad. The Vermont inspired menu features sandwiches, wraps and soups. The turkey club, made with local cheese and bacon, is a must, not to mention a quick turn-around to get you back on the slopes.

Stowe_Dining_Octagon Cafe
Terrain Mix

Stowe Stats

Size / Elevation
  • Peak: 4,395 ft | 1,134m

  • Vertical Drop: 2,360 ft | 719m

  • Base: 1,559 ft | 475m

  • Total Area: 485 acres | 3 sq km

Terrain Overview

​Mountain Range: Green

  • 116 Trails   

  • 3 Terrain Parks

  • Mt. Mansfield (4,395 ft)

  • Cliff House (3,625)

  • Octagon Cafe (3,615)

  • Spruce Peak (3,390 ft)

  • Spruce Camp (main base)

  • Midway Lodge (day arrivals)

  • Mansfield Lodge (expert access)

  • Adventure Center (kids access)

On Mountain Dining

  • 11+ on mountain / base area options (see our guide)

Lift Stats

Uphill Capacity: 15,516 ppl / hr

12 Total Lifts

  • 2 Gondolas

  • 4 Quads

  • 2 Triples

  • 2 Doubles

  • 2 Surface Lifts

  • 1 Minimum lift to access peak from base

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