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There is plenty of area to learn - 14% of terrain is for Beginners. Greens are mostly confined to the lower portion of the mountain. Christie III Lift services the highest concentration of easy runs. Beginners can also summit Sunshine Peak and make their way back down on Sundial and Broadway. The longest trail, Why Not, zigzags for 3 miles from Thunderhead Peak to the base. 


Steamboat offers a progression of "More Difficult" terrain from gentle groomers to steeper, longer runs, some of which are in the glades. Over 40% of terrain is Intermediate and ~15% of this is Blue / Black. Sunshine Peak is ideal for Intermediates with a wide selection of regularly groomed runs. Start on High Noon and make your way to Two O'clock, weave in and out of the trees as your confidence builds. Morningside Park is also perfect for intermediates to enjoy champagne powder with a gentle pitch.


Steamboat offers plenty to challenge Experts - 44% of terrain is designated Black, 8 trails are Double Diamonds and backcountry access is allowed. While not the steepest mountain in the Rockies, there is plenty of steep and deep powder and when combined with bumps and trees, it makes for a good challenge. The Chutes have some of the steepest stuff - they are narrow, but short. Take a quick hike up to Mr. Werner for steep and fluffy. There are also wonderful gladed runs from Sunshine Peak. 

Skiers and snowboarders of differing abilities may need to split and plan to meet for breaks and meals. Sunshine is the best bet for sticking together as Storm Peak and Mt. Werner are mostly Expert only. The aspens are perfectly spaced to ski the trees on or between most runs.

Top Trail Picks

Our team of experts has skied them all. Here are some of our favorites in each category.  
Trail Name
Area / Getting There

Just Learning

Yoo Hoo, Giggle Gulch, Short Cut and Preview

Series of wide open, groomers allows for a longer run once comfortable on Preview

Exit the top of Christie Peak Express to the left


Why Not

~3 miles; From Thunderhead Peak to the base, enjoy the view and zig-zag through the Aspens back to the base

Access from the top fo the Gondola or Thunderhead Express

Scenic Cruiser


Enjoy the views from the top of Sunshine Peak 

Exit Sundown Express to the right and stay along the ridge



Longer groomer, get some speed

Heavenly Daze

Name is apropos, shorter and a bit steeper than Vagabond 

Exit Thunderhead Express or the Gondola and stay left

From Thunderhead Express or the Gondola, under Gondola


High Noon

Softens up nicely mid-day from the Sun, runs length of Sunshine Peak

Sundown Express, exit right or Sunshine Express, exit left




Medium sized bumps on more gentle terrain

Access from Pony Express, exit to the right




Lower mountain, ungroomed, bumps are sizable, but manageable

Three O'Clock

In fresh snow, bumps stack up here, also fun to weave in and out of trees

Access from Thunderhead Peak off of Vagabond

Access from Sunshine Peak, exit Sundown Express to the right


Three O'Clock

When this is groomed, it's easy to up speed

Access from Sunshine Peak, exit Sundown Express to the right



So many options, hard to pick one, but pitch combined with tree spacing makes this one of our favorites

Exit Sundown Express to the left and enter just below Ski Patrol HQ


Chute III

The widest of the three chutes, take this first and get a view of the other two

Access from the top of Morningside Park, exit to the right and follow signs 

Steep & Deep

Christmas Tree Bowl

The top is very steep with some open areas between the trees, opens up as make way down

Access from the top of Morningside Park, exit to the right and go past the Chutes 

Fresh Powder

Mt Werner - No Names, East Face

Just a short hike from Morningside Peak, this is less travaleed and powder tends to stick in this Apsen forest

Access from the top of Morningside Park, exit to the right and begin to hike just past Christmas Tree Bowl

On Mountain Dining Recommendations

Steamboat has a variety of on mountain dining locations. For fine dining, head to Ragnors at Redezvous Saddle Lodge. For a quick taco on a bluebird day, check out the Taco Beast Food Truck at the base. Our top picks for a tasty meal at a convenient mid-mountain location are here:

Four Points Lodge

Our go to spot for a tasty meal on the upper mountain. The creative menu is divided into four stations. The fresh salads are generous and filling, the sandwiches are elevated (not typical ski fare) and the noodle bar and soup kettle will warm you up. Located at the base of the Storm Peak North trail or take the Four Points Lift to reach directly. On a bluebird day, enjoy the views from the comfy chairs on the sundeck. Come early or late, it is small size and gets really crowded. 


Mostly a location play, at the top of the gondola, a central point on the mountain and easy to access from most areas (except Pony Express). Ideal to relax and re-fuel after a morning on the lower portion of the mountain or the Sunshine Peak side. Don't expect anything noteworthy, but the standard ski fare with soups, sandwiches, rice bowls and grilled items are sure to keep you fueled and ready for more shredding. 

Rendezvous Food Court

We like this for a quick break or bite from the Sunshine Peak side of the mountain. Soak in the striking views with cafeteria style dining. On a warmer day, the Sundeck BBQ is a must!


Steamboat Mountain Stats

Size / Elevation
  • Peak: 10,568ft | 3,224m

  • Vertical Drop: 3,888 ft | 3,118m

  • Base: 6,900ft | 2,103m 

  • Total Area: 2,965 acres |
    (12.0 sq km)

Terrain Overview

​Mountain Range: Independent Range within Rockies 

  • 6 peaks 

Higest Peaks

  • Mt. Werner (10,568 ft)

  • Sunshine Peak (10,384 ft)

  • Storm Peak (10,372 ft)

  • Gondola Square

On Mountain Dining

Lift Stats

Uphill Capacity: 41,026 ppl / hr

18 Total Lifts

  • 1   Gondola (8 passenger)

  • 1   High speed six pack

  • 6   High speed quads

  • 5   Triples

  • 2   Doubles

  • 1   Surface lift  

  • 2   Secondary lifts

  • 5   Surface lifts for snow school

  • 3    Minimum lifts to access                peak from base

Terrain Mix

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