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6 Reasons to Ski This Spring

Updated: Jul 15

The season is not over yet! Spring can be one of the best times of the year in the mountains. Temperatures are warmer, bluebird days abound and you're likely to get a better tan than your friends headed to the beach. Here are 6 reasons to take a ski trip this Spring.

Image courtesy of Snowbasin Resort.
  1. Skiing and riding remain great ways to safely spend time outside. Covid is not yet behind us. Although vaccinations are rolling out, predictions are that infection rates will remain high through May or June. All season, we’ve found life to feel more like normal while in the mountains and with the weather improving...

  2. Better weather. For those new to the sport, especially children, the cold can be a big deterrent, especially this year when indoor space has been limited. But during spring skiing resorts often see air temps in the 50’s and 60’s, especially on sunny afternoons. Who wouldn’t want to ditch the bulky layers and hit the slopes in a t-shirt?

  3. Great for learning. Warmer temps means softer snow. For beginners, falling is almost inevitable. The real trick is having the mental toughness to get back up and try again. That becomes a lot easier when you’re falling into soft, spring snow instead of bullet proof hardpack.

  4. Smaller crowds and less stringent reservation requirements. Finding reservations at ski resorts this season added another layer of complexity and required advanced planning. There are fewer people skiing in the spring, so long lift lines should be less of an issue. In fact, the vast majority of resorts on the Ikon Pass have dropped the reservations requirements that were in effect for most of the season.

  5. More daylight. The days are longer which means no more worries about the 3pm flat light characteristic of the deep winter. You can also get a leisurely start to the day, which is critical as the snow can take time to soften up, particularly when nights are cold and snow freezes. There is likely to be soft snow midday and beautiful conditions in the late afternoon. Plus, warmer temps means plenty of other morning activities are available like hiking and biking.

  6. New Pass Holders Ski For Free. If you need one more reason to buy your season pass before the April deadline - this is a big perk! New Ikon pass holders have access to 7 selected resorts for the remainder of the season with the purchase of a 2021-2022 pass.​ Some of these resorts include Solitude and Sugarbush (effective April 5) and Mammoth Mountain and Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows (effective April 15). See the full list of Ikon Pass resorts with free spring access here.

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