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6 Reasons to Ski This Spring

The season is not over yet! Spring can be one of the best times of the year in the mountains. Temperatures are warmer, bluebird days abound and you're likely to get a better tan than your friends headed to the beach. Here are 6 reasons to ski this Spring.

We're jumping for joy to ski and ride this spring. Courtesy of AspenSnowmass.

1) Spring events and festivals are back. After two years, who isn't ready for spring fun including pond skims, beer festivals and even world championship race events. Here are a few highlights for upcoming events:

2) Better weather. For those new to the sport, especially children, the cold can be a big deterrent. However, during spring skiing temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s, are not uncommon, especially on sunny afternoons. Who wouldn’t want to ditch the bulky layers and hit the slopes in a t-shirt?

3) Great for learning. Warmer temps means softer snow. For beginners, falling is almost inevitable. Grit is needed to get up and try again. That becomes a lot easier when you’re falling into soft, spring snow.

4) Smaller crowds. There are fewer people skiing in the spring, so long lift lines should be less of an issue. Long lines plagued many resorts, especially Vail resorts this season, but during April you'll have the lifts to yourself.

5) More daylight. The days are longer which means you can have a leisurely start to the day. The snow can take time to soften up, particularly when nights are colder and snow freezes. Conditions can be best in the late afternoon and without the flat light at 3pm. Plus, warmer temps means plenty of other morning activities are available like hiking and biking.

6) New Pass Holders Ski For Free. This is a big perk for purchasing your Ikon Pass as soon as possible! New Ikon pass holders have access to 10 selected resorts for the remainder of the season with the purchase of a 2022-2023 pass.​ New Ikon pass holders for the 2022-23 season can ski at the following 10 resorts for the remainder of this season:


Avant Ski's Top 9 Resorts for Spring Skiing in the U.S.

Hopefully, you're now "sold" on a late season ski trip, so where should you go? Our team brings you our favorite destinations in the East, West and Rockies...we even have you covered through the summer. Discover our favorite places to ski this spring in our related post.


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