Park City Intermediate Guide

Day 2 Itinerary - King Con, Thaynes, Miner's Camp, Georgeanna, Summit House, Payday *This can easily be spread over 2 or more days


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Trails: Beginner, IntermediateExpert 

Overview – From Park City Village: Crescent Express (or Town Lift – Bonanza Express) – King Con - Silverlode - Thaynes - Lunch @ Miner's Camp – McConkeys –  - Bonzana - PayDay - Return to Base

1. 9:00 AM – Heading Up and Warming Up

From Park City Main Village: Take Crescent Express and exit right to King Con Access

From Park City Main St: Take Town Lift to Bonanza Express and head down under the lift on Homerun and link into King Con Access.

From Canyons Village: It's a minimum of 4 lifts and a rope tow to reach King Con from Canyons Village (with barely any skiing if you go directly). If you chose to get to Park City Base from Canyons Village by way of the slopes, the most efficient route to the King Con Area is Red Pine Gondola - ChicaneTimberLine (Horizontal Transit Lift) - Iron Mountain - Rope Tow - QuickSilver GondolaBroadway - Hot Spot.  

** Consider driving or taking the shuttle from Canyons Village to Park City Base, as it can take ~ 1 hour to take this route **

2. 9 AM - 11 AM – King Con

King Con is an intermediate's paradise with more than 10 highway wide, regularly groomed trails. Survey the landscape by staying left at the end of King Con Access and link into King Con. King Con feeds into Broadway and provides a smooth warm up run while allowing you to view several trails by gazing uphill as you make your way to the bottom of King Con Express

Spend the next couple of hours making laps on King Con Express. To survey the landscape from the other side, exit to the left and stay along King Con Ridge, peering down the connecting runs - Stika, Liberty, Monitor (to name a few) - and connect into Spiro to return to the bottom of King Con Express. Be advernturous as you warm up, there are plenty of Blue runs and you can't go wrong. 

When you have had your fill, want a slightly longer break and the chance to explore another area, follow King Con to the base of Silverlode Express and make your way to Thaynes.

3. 11 AM - 1PM – Silverlode / Thaynes

From the top of Silverlode, exit to the right and take Single Jack to the Thayne's Double. This lift is slow, but short and offers a chance to view skiers and riders taking on the large bumps below on Thaynes. We like Keystone (exit to the right), a mellow, beutiful tree-lined slope. Take a lap here or two here, there are a few routes to explore. 


When ready for something new, follow Thaynes Canyon from the bottom of Thaynes, this will take you back to Motherlode. We recommond a later lunch to avoid the crowds, so try a run or two off of this lift. Parley Park and Sunny Side are nice, longer runs. When you are ready for lunch, follow Parley Park (make sure to take a hard right at the intersection to Carbide Cut) all the way to Miner's Camp

4. 1PM – Lunch at Miner's Camp (see more on lunch options)

Miner's Camp is ideally located for a mid-day break - relatively new, large with standard mountain fare.  

5. 1:45 PM – 3:00PM – Georeganna / McConkeys

After lunch, explore a new part of the mountain. Head to Georgeanna on McConkeys for some of the best views of the day. Take Silverlode, exit left and follow Homerun to Mid-Mountain to the bottom of McConkey's Express. Exit to the left and follow Georgeanna. Have a look at the steeper terrain in McConkeys Bowl and then take advantage of the intermediate friendly conditions on Georgeanna cutting between the gladed, double diamond trails. If you are feeling really good, test yourself on Tycoon. This black diamond connects to the bottom half of Georgeanna and offers a slighty steeper, but manageable pitch, to the bottom of McConkeys


6A. 3:00 PM – 4 PM – Bonanza, PayDay and Returning to the Park City Base

For a few runs to end the day, from the bottom of McConkeys take Flat Iron to Bonanza. You can then take the Bonanza Express which gives you access to several blue runs finishing at the bottom of Silverlode Express. Get a final few runs in here. For variety, you can also head down of the left side of the Bonanza Ridge to finish the day with some of the blue runs by PayDay. From the top of PayDay, have your pick of several routes to the Park City Base.

6B. 3:00 PM  - 4 PM - Returning to the Canyons Base

If you want to take the slopes back to the Canyons Base, make your way back to the Quick Silver Gondola. Take the Gondola all the way and follow White Pine to the bottom of Dream Catcher. If you have time, we do love the Dream Catcher runs. If eager to get back, follow Cascade to the Timerberline Hortizontal Lift to Tombstone Express where you have a choice of runs to the Canyons Village Base

*There are free shuttle buses regularly going back and forth between Park City Base and Canyons Village, so ski where you want and don't worry too much about getting back to your home base. 

Congratulations – you’ve explored much of the Intermediate Terrain on the Park City side - Time for Après Ski!



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