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Keystone offers a great introduction to the Rockies. Though Greens are only 19% of the total, multiple learning areas allow Beginners to get off the bunny slope and away from crowds. For those not keen on navigating the crowded bottom of River Run, it's easy to catch the Summit Gondola down. Schoolmarm winds around for 3.5 miles with slow zones. Spring Dipper has wide Green/Blue terrain and is perfect for testing new skills.


Intermediate terrain is abundant across all three mountains (nearly a third of the resort). The bumps and steeper slopes under the Montezuma Express are set up well for practicing technical skills. On the backside, Mozart expands access to intermediate-friendly Blues and Blacks. From here, riders can also access the Outpost for a break. Try Elk Run in the Outback for a steeper pitch, bumps, or have fun navigating the trees on either side of the run.


Though more under the radar, more than half of Keystone's terrain is designated Advanced. North Peak and Outback have tree-filled glades and bowls. Even better, the powder stays fresher here as these areas are less traveled. Keystone recently opened 800 acres of bowl skiing. Much of this terrain can be accessed by hiking or snowcat (if you are willing to pay). Try the newer terrain on Independence Mt. (cat reservations required) & Keystone Peak behind The Outpost. For a fast, steep slalom, head to Go Devil on Dercum.

  • Groups of differing ability levels can stay together. Each of the mountains has a variety of terrain across ability levels

  • It's easy to spend most of the day above the base, most trails funnel to the mid-mountain high-speed lifts

Top Trail Picks by Category

Trail Name 
Area / Getting There

Just Learning

(with a view)


Dedicated learning area at the Summit of Dercum Mountain (near Kidtopia)

Dercum Summit; stay to the right exiting any of the three lifts, its just past the Summit House

Just Learning

(at the base)


Bunny hill to get the basics down 

Mountain House Base



Winding 3.5 mile cruiser with ample slow zones to take a break

Dercum Summit; accessible from either base; head right when exiting the lifts

Easy Scenic

Spring Dipper

Perfect warm up run - open, groomed and gets steeper halfway. Enjoy the views and get the lay of the land

From the Summit of Dercum, stay as far to the skier's right as possible

Warming up


Connecting Dercum Mt and the North Peak/The Outback, this trail is open near the top and narrows as you go

Backside of Dercum Summit; or take a hard right off of Ruby Express from the North Peak

Bumps (Learning)

Elk Run

Get some spped, its fast and wide in the middle (just beware, it can be icy); or weave in and out of the the bumps and trees on either side

Directly underneath the Outback Express 



Wild Irishman


Fast slalom runs with options to weave in and out of the surrounding trees

From Dercum Summit, head down Schoolmarm and lookout on the skier's right for the line that looks best



Cat Dancer

Steep, bumpy and long (*when open and beware it can be icy)

North Peak Summit; exit Santiago Express right or exit Wayback Express left


Go Devil

Grip it and rip it on the bumps on the upper portion; carve your edges on the super steep bottom portion

Exit Peru Express to the skier's right, enter at the pole above Area 51 (if upper Go Devil is open) or cut through Area 51 to access lower Go Devil


The Black Forest

Fun bumps through open and thick tree areas; funnels into Coyote Caper "halfpipe" with more trees

Exit Outback Express left to enter this large, gladed area

Fresh Powder

Outback Bowls

Great views of the Keystone Mountains and backside of A-Basin from Wapiti Peak

Exit Outback Express straight ahead, check signs/Ski Patrol to verify openings. Hike ~1 mile or grab a cat to the upper points of Wapiti Peak


The Windows

Trees, powder, rock crags and outcroppings. Added bonus, the Outpost Gondola goes overhead so you can perform for an audience! Hike as far as your pre-season prep allows 

Push over Dercum Summit towards Elk Run and grab cat under the Outpost Gonolda. *When open, close at 2 PM

On Mountain Dining Recommendations

Keystone only has three spots to dine on-mountain, though there are many more at the Bases. The Summit House cafeteria offers spectacular views of the surrounding peaks and valleys from 11,000', while LaBonte's Cabin offers quick BBQ and a beach-vibe. Our top picks are below:

This is the most convenient spot to eat on Keystone's front side. It's also within walking distance of the Kidtopia Fort & tubing. Traditional cafeteria-style fare or many pack their own lunches. Ski school arrives around 11:30 AM if you want to connect with little ones. For liquid courage, try the Bumps & Jumps IPA while taking in heavenly views of the surrounding peaks and valleys.


This Bavarian-style Stube is at the Summit of North Peak, though easy to access from the Outpost Gondola. Warm up by the large fireplace in the great hall. Cafeteria lunch options include burgers, sandwiches (try the bacon grilled cheese), pizza and Asian dishes. The full bar offers a discount for season pass holders after 2:30PM but know the bathrooms are down a flight of stairs.

Image by Stéphane Juban

LaBonte's Smokehouse Cabin

If you are a Parrothead who can conquer a steep blue (Mozart), LaBonte's is your spot. Think beach scene (a winter Margaritaville), complete with Adirondack chairs, corn hole, and smoked BBQ. Situated between the Santiago and Ruby Express Lifts, it receives near constant sun exposure and is the perfect spot to relax on bluebird days.

Size / Elevation
  • Peak: 12,614 ft | 3,845m

  • Vertical Drop: 3,128 ft | 953m

  • Base: 9,280 ft | 2,829m

  • Total Area: 3,148 acres |          12.7 sq km

Terrain Overview

​Mountain Range: Front Range, Rockies

  • 128 Trails   

  • 5 Bowls

  • 1 Terrain Parks

  • The Outback (11,980 ft)

  • The North Peak (11,660 ft)

  • Dercum Mountain (11, 640 ft)

Bowl Peaks (hiking required)

  • Waipiti Peak (12,354 ft) 

  • Keystone Peak (12,408 ft)

  • Independence Mt (12,614 ft) 

  • Mountain House

  • River Run

On Mountain Dining

  • 3 locations (see our guide) 

Lift Stats

Uphill Capacity: 30,700

20 Chair Lifts

  • 2 Gondolas

  • 2 High speed six pack

  • 4 High speed quads

  • 1 Quad

  • 1 Triple

  • 2 Doubles

  • 8 Tows

  • 1 Minimum lift to access peak from base 

Terrain Mix

Keystone Stats

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