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Dear Valley is top of the list for learning to ski with 27% of its terrain designated Beginner. There are Green routes from all but two of the peaks. The world class grooming combined with areas throughout the resort reserved for "slow skiing" create an easy environment to get comfortable. Homeward Bound from Bald Mt. and Bandana from Flagstaff are lengthy but gentle, groomed slopes to enjoy beautiful vistas while learning.  


An Intermediate's dream - 31% of terrain is Blue and the exceptional grooming makes many Blacks accessible too. Snow making covers more than 30% of terrain, including most Blues. Deer Valley has a unique progression of Intermediate runs differentiated by Blue and Double Blue ratings. Intermediates can test their skills on increasingly steep slopes. The Blues on Flagstaff Mt. have a natural, moderate pitch and when you are ready for something steeper, try the Double Blues on Bald Mt. 


Just over 40% of Deer Valley's terrain is Black, with the majority (31%) Double Black. Experts may find these ratings liberal. While Deer Valley does have some very steep terrain, the pitches are not as challenging as other Utah mountains. The steepest runs are in Empire Bowl - where you can easily spend half the day between the Daly Bowl and  Chutes. Lady Morgan and Ontario Bowls are great for tree skiing. 

Most peaks have access to all terrain types so skiers can stay together. Deer Valley is spread over 6 peaks, but great signage and helpful staff make it easy to navigate. There are convenient lodges with outstanding cuisine located throughout.

Top Trail Picks

Our team of experts has skied them all. Here are some of our favorites in each category.  
Trail Name
Area / Getting There

Starting Out

Wild West
Solid Muldoon

Dedicated area for novice skiers; slow zone with short trail at a gentle pitch to get the basics down

Snow Park Base, Access from Burns or Snowflake Lifts



Longer run, for new skiers ready to move up the mountain, wide, regularly groomed and speed controlled

Exit Carpenter Express to the right

Easy Scenic

Homeward Bound

Enjoy incredible views from the top of Bald Mt.; long and winding but never gets too steep as it cuts trough the valley between Bald and Flagstaff Mts.

Exit Sterling Express to the right and make your way along the ridge

Warming Up

Big Stick

Fresh corduroy at the base, plenty of pitch to start the day

Exit Carpenter Express to the left, stay to skier's right just past Little Stick



2 miles of perfect corduroy, follows the length of the Gondola from the top of Little Baldy to the Jordanelle Base

Take the Jordanelle Gondola or Mountaineer Express to the top of Little Baldy and link in from Mountaineer



So many choices, but this gentle slope with trees in the middle has twists and turns to keep it interesting, is a favorite

Top of Bald Mt; Exit Sterling Express to the left 

Scenic Cruiser


See the gorgeous views from the top of Empire Mt and sneak a peak at the skiers on the Daly Chutes 

Top of Empire Mt; Exit Empire Express to the left and ski along the ridge



This groomer goes from the peak to the base of Flagstaff Mt., try to ski the whole way without stopping - you will feel it

Top of Flagstaff Mt; Take any of the four Express lifts and then head down under Silver Strike Express   



Hidden Treasure

The name does not deceive, when not groomed, this longer run retains snow with bumps just right for learning 

Top of Flatstaff Mt; Exit Quincy Express to the left and traverse along Trump 

Steeper Groomers

Stein's Way

Steeper but groomed regularly, a good challenge for intermediates feeling strong and a chance to pick up some speed for advanced skiers

Top of Bald Mt; Exit Sultan Express to the left and come around the ridge overlooking Mayflower Bowl



Lady Morgan Bowl

Never groomed, bumps at the top can be bigger, lower portion is gladed

Exit Empire Express to the right and follow Supreme into Lady Morgan Bowl



One of our favorite runs on any mountain, these perfectly spaced trees and moderate pitch will have you lining up to repeat again and again 

Exit Lady Morgan immediately to the right and go through the ropes


Daly Chutes

After a 5-10 minute hike for a more backcountry feel, 8 very steep, rocklined chutes, pick your track for a few jump turns. It helps to go with someone who knows the area.

Exit Empire Express to the left and follow Orion to the cutt off sign for the Daly Bowl, keep going past Daly Bowl to reach the Chutes

Fresh Powder

Mayflower Bowl

On a snowy day, float through  powder while staring over the Heber Valley

Mayflower Chutes

On the outskirts of Bald Mt., well worth the trek, chutes can be deep

Exit Sultan Express to the left, take Steins Way into Mayflower

Exit Sultan Express to the left and follow ridge past the Perserverence and Mayflower Bowls

On Mountain Dining Recommendations

Dear Valley has some of the best food on any mountain in the U.S. The turkey chili is so good they sell it in the local super markets and the cookies are fresh, gooey, and well earned after a morning of skiing. Lunch at the Stein Eriksen Lodge is half the reason some skiers come to Deer Valley at all! Snow Park Village (at the base), Silver Lake Village (mid-mountain), and Empire Canyon (upper mountain) all have outstanding options for a relatively quick or more luxurious sit-down meal. Our top picks are below:

Empire Canyon Grill

The most convenient place to grab lunch after a morning on Empire or Flagstaff Mountains. Choose from a huge salad bar, a made to order grill, fresh soups, paninis and more. On a sunny day, relax outside on the porch and watch skiers make their way down Empire Mt. 

Silver Lake Restaurant

The food at Silver Lake is similar to that of Empire Canyon, plus add a taqueria and pizza. It is centrally located where Flagstaff and Bald Mountains converge. On a cold day, we love to stop here for a mid-morning hot chocolate and freshly baked cookie. Did we mention Deer Valley has awesome baked goods?  

Glitretind (Stein Eriksen)

We usually reserve fine dining for after skiing, but when in Deer Valley...The Sunday brunch here is deservedly globally acclaimed and lunch on a normal day is worth writing home. Seasonal menu with local ingredients. When you need a break from the corduroy, a high-end meal at Stein Eriksen is worth it. Come hungry.


Deer Valley Stats

Size / Elevation
  • Peak: 9,570ft | 2,917m

  • Vertical Drop: 3,000 ft

  • Base: 6,570ft | 2,003m 

  • Total Area: 2,026 acres |
    8.2 sq km

Terrain Overview

​Mountain Range: Wasatch

  • 103 Trails   

  • 6 Bowls      

  • 6 peaks 

Highest Peaks

  • Empire (9,570 ft)

  • Bald Mt. (9,400 ft) 

  • Flagstaff (9,100 ft)

  • Snow Park Lodge (Main)

  • Jordanelle

  • Silver Lake Lodge (Mid-Mtn)

On Mountain Dining

Lift Stats

Uphill Capacity: 50,470 ppl / hr

21 Total Lifts

  • 1   Gondolas

  • 13 High speed Quads

  • 5   Triples

  • 3   Doubles

  • 3   Minimum lifts to access             peak from base

Terrain Mix
DV Terrain Mix.png

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