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Despite its reputation for hardcore terrain, CB has plenty for Beginners. In fact 18% of the terrain is rated Green and the excellent grooming make it even more Beginner friendly. There is no need to worry that you will be confined to the bunny slope around Peach Tree at the Base. The Red Lady and Painter Boy Lifts provide access to great groomers (try Houston, Lower Twister or Mineral Point) as well as to Uley's Cabin and the Umbrella Bar when / if you need a break.


Though CB has relatively fewer Blue trails (29% of the total) than most Colorado resorts, there is still plenty to explore. Start with Paradise Bowl for a wide selection of slopes and plenty of smaller, well spaced moguls - good for practice. Feeling confident? Try International on the lookers right along Ruby Road from the top of Paradise. This Black is steeper but smooth and wide.  Stay tuned, CB mountain has recently received clearance to develop Teo-2, a new ski area dedicated to Intermediate skiing.


Once you start exploring, you'll quickly realize why they hold so many Extreme Championships here. Head up the Silver Queen, warm up on International and then progress to Twister, Jokerville and Keystone. Then head over to Paradise Bowl and the East River for tree skiing at its best. When you're ready for the Extremes, start on the Head Wall and make your way over to the North Face. Leave Banana, Peele, Forest and Funnel for the afternoon. Not budget conscious? Consider the CB Steeps Guide through the ski school - you'll get to know the area much faster.

  • Advanced and Intermediates can stay together in Paradise Bowl. Uley's Cabin and the Umbrella Bar are both accessible to all levels so it's easy to meet for a break

  • To fully appreciate the Extremes, you must be willing to hike in and out. It's best for first timers to go with someone who knows the area (at least once)

Top Trail Picks by Category

Trail Name 
Area / Getting There

Starting Out

High Tide

At the base of CB, this is where every beginner will make their first turn

Base area, take the Peach Tree chair

Easy Scenic 


Longer, gentle run; takes you to Painter Boy Lift with access to Umbrella Bar and some of CB's most famous views

Exit Silver Queen to the right


Peak to Treasury

Enjoyable 2.6 mile groomer from the Peak to the East River. Once there try some of the runs to the lookers left off of The East River Lift 

Take Silver Queen to the top and exit to the right


Lower Treasury

A great place to practice your carving, esp. since some of the slopes further up can be crowded (by CB standards!)  

Exit East River lift to the left, ski to the bottom of the hill and turn right (watch for folks coming from the skier's left)

Bumps (Learning)

Black Eagle

A little out of the way, but ideal for practicing your bumps without too many witnesses

Exit the East River Lift to the right



Work up some speed here; If you get bored of the groomer, try the bumps on the right of the slope to mix it up 

Exit Silver Queen to the right; follow Ruby Road to the end 


Gully Glades Area

Discover different lines and work your way in and out of the trees here. Stay to the skier's right for the trees (Double Top Glades has less trees)

Exit East River Lift to the left. Leave the rescue hut (with the avalanche dog) on skier's right and dive in to the trees 



This is serious mogul skiing. The only drawback is that you are right under the chairlift - the temptation to show off may affect your performance!

Exit East River Lift to the right and switch back under the chair 


Tower 11 Chutes

Usually one of the first true Double Blacks to open for the season. TIP- don't ski fresh powder here - there are a lot of hidden rocks - let those who know it go first!

Stay to the skier's right of Paradise Bowl, along a short cat route. Scope it from the Paradise Lift (literally at Pole 11) to make sure you are up for it



Once you're made it here, funnel down into a 20 ft wide corridor with a massive 100 ft tall rock formation skier's right before opening out again on to sunset ridge

Take the Silver Queen and access the Banana High Entrance from just beow the lift; then follow the long (and scary) traverse to Funnel - If you're nervous by the time you get to Flatiron, bail there, the entrance to Funnel is much harder

Steep & Deep
(w/ hiking)

Teocalli Bowl

It's hard to choose - Third Bowl and Spellbound are phenomenal but Teocali remain our favoite. There are so many lines to ski - Main Street, Town Park,  Wolf's Lair  

Take the High Lift Poma and hike up to the bench just above Duey's Run; also be ready for the 15-20 min hike out

Fresh Powder

"Cat Skiing"

Snow cat groups depart daily from the town of CB. Not cheap, but well worth it. One of the largest cat skiing areas in the US and the area receives 5x as much snow as CB mountiain - a once in a lifetime exprience

Reserve a space on the cat with Irwin Guides

On Mountain Dining Recommendations

Lunch on the slopes at CB is generally about fueling up on carbs so that you can attack the next Double Diamond (and traditionally out of a backpack!) However, Uley's Cabin has added a spectacular fine dining option. Paradise has reasonable cafeteria style food. For stunning views, try Umbrella bar, where you will find a selection of Austrian food - pretzels, bratwurst. Our top picks are below:

Brown Lab Pub & Bakery

This is where you might bump in to your ski instructor grabbing a slice of pizza, bowl of chilli or a doughnut between morning and afternoon lessons. Hidden away slopeside in the building just above the main drag and the outdoor ski lockers, you need to be in the know. Grab your food at this no frills spot, eat it at the bar or the few communal tables and ask yourself why they have that toy train running around above the bar. 


Crested Butte Burger Co.

Head to the base for a delicious and fast burger that won't break the bank. In the same building as the somewhat exclusive Club at Crested Butte’s Ski Club, there’s a newcomer on the block  — The Crested Butte Burger Company. Though it’s the brainchild of the club's owner, it caters to a much broader clientele and has already caught the heart and stomachs of CBs budget conscious skiers.


Uley's Cabin

Once you've relaxed and realized that you're in for a feast, it's hard to leave. This is the place to enjoy a special lunch, just don't plan much for the afternoon. They also have a fun sleigh dinner - book early as it fills up fast. For a more low key experience, slide up to the ice bar outside, grab a drink and take a peak inside to see how CB does Switzerland. Watch your step when wearing ski boots, the floor tiles here are beautiful but treacherous.

Size / Elevation
  • Peak: 12,162 ft | 3,707m

  • Vertical Drop (by lift): 2,775 ft 

  • Vertical Drop (w/ hike): 3,062 ft

  • Main Base: 9,375 ft | 2,856m 

  • Total Area: 1,547 acres |
    10.6 sq km

Terrain Overview

​Mountain Range: Elk (Rockies)

  • 121+ Trails   

  • 542 acres of in-bounds Extreme terrain

  • 4 Bowls

  • 3 Terrain Parks

  • The Peak (12,162 ft)

  • Base Area

On Mountain Dining

Lift Stats

Uphill Capacity: Not Disclosed

15 Chair Lifts

  • 4   High speed Quads

  • 2   Quads

  • 2   Triples

  • 2   Doubles

  • 5   Surface Lifts

  • 2   Minimum lifts (plus hike) to access peak from base 

Terrain Mix

Crested Butte Stats

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