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Rick Bouchier

Rick Bouchier

Avid Skier, HQ'd Southern VT

Even breaking his leg while night skiing at the age of 5 didn’t stop Rick’s love of everything skiing and winter. Growing up outside of NYC, he took every opportunity available to put his boots and skis on including neighbors’ backyards. Rick even remembers wearing 2 pairs of wool socks, blue jeans and gators.

During his high school years, Warren Miller movies and skiers like Scott Schmidt made an impact and when he graduated from UMASS he moved to Aspen, CO. Rick’s dream of being a ski bum for life ended when he ran out of money and had to move back east where he got into advertising sales and ultimately digital media sales including 12 years at Yahoo!

With a home in Southern Vermont, specifically located in the town Londonderry (think Jake Burton), Rick is stoked to share his passion for the winter and his local area knowledge with the Avant Ski audience

Favorite Resort / Trail:

Black Magic @ Magic Mountain Vermont

Aspirational Resort:


Goals for the Season:

Finally get gear for uphill skiing

Most Days in a Season:



Magic Mountain Resort Guide

Magic Mountain Resort Guide

Magic Mountain is a place "where skiing still has a sole.” Located just outside of Londonderry, VT, Magic is the smallest of Vermont's ‘Golden Triangle’ — including Stratton and Bromley, but don't miss its unique, laid back vibe coupled with some of the most challenging terrain in Southern Vermont.

Bromley Resort Guide

Bromley Resort Guide

Bromley caters to families and first timers along with seasoned, regular weekend shredders. Bromley, along with Stratton and Magic Mountain, form Vermont's "Golden Triangle." Bromley stands out for its southern exposure, even earning the nickname "The Sun Mountain."

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