Andrew Strong

Andrew Strong

Most Versatile Player, Powder Follower

Growing up in ski school and having lived all over, Andrew has skied the bumps and steeps of the eastern/central US, the Rockies, the Alps, Japan, and the western Pacific Ranges. After more than thirty injury-free years of skiing (minor bruises not counted), Andrew is happy whether he is on the nearest groomer with friends and family or occasionally dropping under a lift to show-off - always trying to keep the streak alive. 

Look for him in The Outback at Keystone before Christmas, Park City for Sundance, and in late spring, he'll be the guy with sunburned knees from skiing in shorts in the Blue Sky Basin at Vail!

Favorite Resort / Trail:

The Windows at Keystone; Steep & Deep at Vail; and anything off Pali at Arapahoe Basin

Aspirational Resort:

Get to Revelstoke.....enough said.....

2020-21 Season Goals:

Encourage my better half on the slopes; hit a month of skiing, improve technique to be more forward in stance

Most Days in a Season:



Teaching your Significant Other to Ski

Teaching your Significant Other to Ski

I knew teaching her to ski was a must before even thinking about getting hitched. The following is a compilation of memories of my (then) girlfriend's first time on the slopes and our first trips out to the Rockies. We provide tips to make this enjoyable and recommendations on where to get started.

Time to Hit the Great Indoors

Time to Hit the Great Indoors

Indoor ski centers promise the challenge and excitement of their outdoor cousins but few seasoned skiers have experienced this "indoor burn." That's where Indoor Ski comes into play. Part treadmill, part astroturf, these simulators, more prevalent overseas, are becoming more available in the United States. We were lucky enough to try the Inside Ski Training Center this Fall. We share our findings here.